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Friday, 28 June 2013

Space Marine painting challenges - one character from each of 14 Chapter

Hi folks,

Blog wars 5 may be gone but the Astartes are far from forgotten. In a role reversal, the Eldar army I've put together prospectively for blog wars 6 will be taking centre stage on the hobby desk for a the next few months. However, having had so much fun painting Lysander and using new techniques I decided a nice 'pick up and paint' side project to go alongside the Eldar army painting was needed. And so, following on from my multi-chapter themed blog wars army, I have assembled one Character from each army to paint up. Some are nearly finished, others not even basecoated yet, but the idea would be that while the Eldar army has a specified end goal, I can paint as little or as much of these guys as I want if I decide I need a break from xenos. Also, as a result of posting them here, if anyone has any specific request to see any of these chaps finished sooner rather than later I will see that s incentive to paint. Please make any such requests as comments. Cheers. 

The Chaplains of the lot, Raven Guard and Blood Angel. Lemartes is unconverted, but the Raven Guard Chaplain has a helmet sculpted onto a Corvadaye body with a crozius instead of a hammerhead
Onto the psykers. Njal is mounted on a resin skull base most of which will ultimately be obscured by snow. The Grey knight is a conversion from terminator parts and greenstuff

Belial is converted from deathwing parts and is nearly finished. Kantor also has a lot painted on him

These Captains are conversions from the chapter masters. The Imperial fist will likely be repainted using a similar technique to my Lysander, while most of the Salamander is base coated.

On to named characters. Left is my Gabriel Angelos Blood Ravens conversion who needs work on the armour and sword. Right is Sicarius, sporting an old-school coloured plasma pistol

This Iron hands dreadnought isn't a character as such but happens to be the only Iron Hands model Ive yet to paint and thus makes the cut by default

This  Khan conversion pre-dates the metal model and was based on the codex artwork.

These two chaps are converted from the black reach captain. On the left is a Luna Wolves centurion, who was originally to be my Loken before FW made their model (birthday coming up Mrs J - hint hint!). The right hand one is a Black Templars Marshall

Here are the in-progress bases for Khaaaan, the Centurion and the Marshall. The Whitescars have a jungle (ahem, aquarium plants) theme, the Luna Wolves city streets and the Black Templars I have decided to go with a mudded and littered trench battlefield

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Blog Wars 5 countdown - 6 weeks to go - Space Wolves

Hi all,

Later than planned here is my latest installment in the Blog Wars 5 painting prep. These guys took a lot more time than originally planned, in no small part due to all the details on them. Still, they're done now and I'm very happy with how they turned out. There is a Wolf Guard and Long Fang in there to represent a Sergeant and heavy weapon trooper respectively as I'm using C:SM for the army. Next up, and hopefully back on schedule, will be something a little bit greener. Cheers.


Friday, 22 March 2013

Blog wars 5 army test models complete

Hi folks,

As always, my camera doesn't do them much justice but here's some pics showing the test models for my BW5 first founding themed SM army. Note the absence of 3 chapters as they are represented by vehicles or an IC. 

Blood Angel - a near complete model originally, I went over the red completely with new paints to give a more even and crisp finish

Dark Angel - a few touch ups added to an already near complete model.

Space wolf - starting with the army painter spray, I base coated with a 50:50 shadow grey and space wolf grey working up to space wolf grey. Note the Harald deathwolf transfer.

Salamander - a lot of love went into this model getting the green, lava and and flames right. Very pleased with the result.

Raven Guard - pretty simple and mostly involved painting on all the highlights before washing with black

Ultramarine - likewise, I was never happy with my original non-vibrant ultramarine scheme and so this chap I painted the armour in full before giving him a glaze with an old citadel vortex blue ink - the result was stunning and exactly what I was after.


So far I have all models painted / basecoated which is a good place to start. One of the three vehicles is complete with another close to finished and the third halfway. Of the remaining 55 models, 10 are already finished with the other 45 being in various stages of completion. To get all of them to the above standard in little over 10 weeks will be a somewhat gruelling schedule but I'm confident it can be achieved with a bit of discipline. 4 models a week isn't so bad when you look at it that way. More updates to come when I have them. Cheers.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Finally decided what I'm taking to Blog Wars 5.

Hi folks,

Been a while. I've been working on assembling some daemons (Heretic!) over the past few weeks, but with 3 months to go, I've had to turn my attention to what I'll be taking to Blog Wars 5 this June. So, I cast my mind back to what I was considering before Christmas. 

Whitescars were top of the list as I had a list that I was very happy with, but am struggling to motivate myself to paint all that white over next few months - I much prefer to spread things out over a looonnnng time, as you may notice from my various projects ;)

Then there were the Luna Wolves, which I've made a lot of progress on modelling recently. However, there are still elements of the army lacking (notably, Loken and heavy weapons) which I can't afford at the moment. Plus, even though it's an off-white, it's still white!

Recent releases have made me consider other options. I played around with Dark Angels lists, but at 1850 was struggling to come up with anything I was 100% happy with. My CSM army is a bit of a mish-mash of sub-par units and is barely enough points to meet the requirements. Then there are Daemons, which I have about 1000pts of. Between the two of them I might be able to make a decent list that would also be fun to paint, but with so many new rules to learn in such a short space of time, I would be making hard work for myself. 

While playing around with the idea of an 'Angels of death' army, basically DA with BS allies, an idea struck me. Why not build a list around all the first founding Chapters? This would allow three things: being able to use already painted units from different armies to give me a head start, painting variety over the coming months and being able to use a variety of units from different armies in a combination I wouldn't usually be able to. Though I am still playing with the list and which elements I wish to bring from each army, I think I've come up with something I'm happy with:

So there it is. By no means a super-competitive list, but it should perform adequately and provide a lot of painting fun in the meantime. All will be run as codex marines, which is only really a fluff issue in the case of the Space Wolves, but far from a major issue. Varying degrees of painting need to be done, with the Wolves and Ultramarines needing the most and the Blood Angels and Iron Hands being already finished. Lysander is currently being repainted as a non-metallic metallic version - possibly my most ambitious project to date but hopefully one that will turn out well with some practice, patience and guidance. Cheers.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Marine showcase - Space Wolves and Crimson Fists

Second showcase coming up with five more to go.

Space Wolves

The Space Wolves were a bit more tricky to get right as I didn't want them to look too dark or too light. Also, as I'd decided to use Harald Deathwolf's company I would need to freehand the shoulder pads. I started by painting the model in Fenris grey on a black undercoat. After that, I added a layer of 50:50 shadow grey and space wolves grey (SWG) which was a nice middle-of-the-range colour to use as the primary colour for the model. I highlighted with a further 50:50 of the above mix (which I called Russ grey) with SWG on the larger areas, followed by an egde highlight of pure SWG.

For the gold I used my typical 50:50 tin bitz:vallejo gold followed by vallejo gold alone. The left shoulder pad was built up using mechrite red blended up to blood red, with the highlights done a garish orange before being washed in thinned red to dull them and blend in. The right on the other hand was built up from iyanden darksun to sunburst yellow with the blood red painted on top. The free hand wolf was just white and black with a steady hand and some patience. Using fenris grey I added some runes to the right leg, as I didn't want to simply paint on text as with the ultramarines. The SW codex has lots of rune examples to draw upon on the borders of it's pages. The rim of the base was painted calthan brown, while the top was painted white. I then mixed some GW snow with PVA glue and painted it thickly over the top of the base. Once it was covered I sprinkled a little white powder over the top and left it to dry.

Crimson Fists

For the Crimson Fists I wanted a rugged, weathered look to symbolise the hardship the chapter has endured. Therefore, I dispensed with the usual precise line highlighting and went for a drybrushing technique for the majority of the marines; for the honour guard/characters I was happy to do the usual highlighting. All in all I'm happy with a quick and easy paintjob for the chapter, a contrast to the detail and precision required with say Blood Angels.

The armour was regal blue over a black undercoat, with a drybrush of regal blue mixed with SWG to pick out the edges. Some areas I did give an additional line highlight to in order to make them stand out better. The whole model was then washed with thinned chaos black to make them look extra dark. Reds were mechrite red with red gore painted over. I added in a few lines of text and squad markings also. Most of my crimson/imperial fists have the metal shoulder pads/backpacks which means it's easy to freehand the chapter symbol but a little more complicated to add in the circle surrounding it. The base was simply covered in sand prior to undercoating, with the rim later painted scorched brown and the sand drybrushed codex grey.