Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Mega hobby update and deathwatch pics

Hello folks.

It's been far too long since I posted on either of my blogs. Good news is this has mostly been down to moving house/renovating and starting a new job as opposed to losing my enthusiasm for the hobby. I've been mostly keeping up to date with releases and hobby targets and thus have a lot to share. I will therefore keep this as brief as possible rather than trying to relay several many months of hobby in one go. The pictures dotted throughout will be of the recently added deathwatch army.

Venerable dread (scythes of the emperor)

I guess the best way to introduce things is to talk about my overall hobby target for 2016. As both my blogs will attest to, my ridiculous hobby scheme is to collect one of each 40k army, which gets even more ludicrous when you factor in that this includes all the first founding chapters. Years of commitment and careful budgeting have helped me to pretty much achieve this, but I wanted 2016 to be the year I start drawing lines under projects, especially now that the new format for army building has been established with the most recent codexes.

As this is my space marine blog I will only talk about them here and all other things will be on my other blog. The Astartes have faced 4 main challenges this year. Firstly, I have needed to add little bits here and there to be able to run each army as both a strike force tailored to the individual chapter and a small accompanying CAD to allow the few and other random units to be fielded as well. This included a few standard amendments, such as devastator legs, an imperial space marine in each eligible army and salvaging loads of scouts as the compulsory element to each CAD.  Secondly, the dreaded update from 25mm to 32mm had to get going in full swing. Thirdly, the Luna wolves finally needed to be finished and finally, the deathwatch and legion of the damned were to be expanded into playable armies. This is no minor feat when it effectively involves assembling, converting, basing and basecoating each army up to spec. I'm under no illusions that it is achievable by the end of the year but let's give it a go. Here's he rundown.

Blackstar with base

the base is made from various styrene and scenery kits with a token nid spawning pool

Black templars - only a couple of issues for these lads. The first is rebasing onto 32mm using milliput to make for a muddy battlefield and of course to rebase the bikes on the new oval bases. Secondly I want to add one more member to their honor guard in the form of a standard bearer as well as rearm a brother to be an imperial space marine. That should round them off and won't take all that long tbh. Only question is whether to add rims and then more Milliput to the 25mm bases or whether to go all out and simply start again on 32mm.

Blood angels - aside from some bike rebasing I pretty much sorted these guys earlier this year so not much to add. I have added in the deathwatch character as a vanguard veteran replacing another chap who became a deathwatch member instead. (As well as donating a spare terminator to the deathwatch)

Custom rhino and a drop pod with heraldry from various chapters

Blood ravens - now these chaps are getting a fair bit of love before November as I'm planning on taking them to fluffageddon. This means 1500 points of them will be painted up hopefully to highest standard in the next 6 weeks, including an imperial space marine. I've already rebased them all and so that's on track. I do need to dig out some (now spare) blood angel rejects to make a 3rd tactical squad at some point, however, so that the strike force can be used. Last item is to convert a fw legion tribune into the new dow3 terminator angelos to complete my character conversions from Dow.

Crimson fists - ultimately this will be one of the few armies to not be able to use a strike force but I decided I liked the way it was already and didn't want to deviate. They're already rebased to 32mm and have an imperial space marine present. Job done.

Vanguard - Doom Eagles, Raven Guard, Fire hawks, Blood Angels and Black Dragons

Bikers - Whitescars, Dark Hunters, Minotaurs, Brazen claws, Angels of Redemption

Dark angels - these chaps are now also on 32mm and are ok for the most part but just require a few tweaks here and there. The deathwatch character is now amongst the veterans and they, like the blood angels, donated a spare terminator to the watch. Apart from some minor repairs the biggest issue for the dark angels is sorting out all the ravenwing onto the new oval bike bases, which will take a reasonable amount of time and effort.

Deathwatch - this  as a really fun project to work on and involved a mix of new models and old. There were many donations from chapters, plus some eBay salvages and recycling of my original deathwatch squad and the overkill models. My plan was to get a core of 30 veterans with a half dozen characters, couple of vehicles and 5 of each specialist veteran with no duplication from chapters where possible. I also went for the same industrial theme as the iron hands as it fit with the overkill theme and looked good, plus allowed me to make use of the new citadel bases. The result is I now have a 2k army of deathwatch ready to go aside from a few bike bases. Really looking forward to slapping some paint on them once the blood ravens are done.

Command - Ultramarines, Mortifactors, Blood Ravens, Sons of Orar, Angels Vermillion, Crimson Fists

Terminators - Space wolves (Deathwolf), Blood Drinkers, Black Templars, Salamanders, Guardians of the Covenant

Grey knights - haven't touched these chaps for a while and save for adding a Crowe model to them for completeness and putting them on 32mm I don't think I have much else to add.

Heroes of badab - while I originally thought I was done with them, I've now decided to make a few changes to the heroes. Instead of a small squad of scouts from the exorcists and raptors, I'm going to paint all as raptors and add in a spare telion to bolster them also. The exorcists will gain a brand new tactical squad, drop pod and terminator librarian. To complete the character set I'm going to add a jump pack librarian, most likely a carcharadon. Unlike most of the other projects I doubt I will get around to this in 2016 but I'm glad I've made firm plans to do it and to upgrade them to a strike force style detachment. Let's not forget about the imperial space marine being added in too.

Imperial fists - this one is quite the challenge. I've never been that happy with the imperial fists army as it never stood out as being that unique or special to me. I've mulled it over for some time now and decided on a few changes that need to happen. Firstly, I'm adding 6 centurions to the mix to allow more flexibility with the formations and also for the fluff. Secondly, I'm donating the salamanders ironclad dread to the fists giving them 2 ironclads. Thirdly, I'm adding more veteran, taking the single squad of terminators and adding some hammernators and stern guard. Lastly, I'm adding a second squad of devastator marines with the deathwatch marine Grytt leading them, a second squad of scouts for the CAD and a second vindicator. These are quite extensive and expensive changes but I feel they will allow the army to play and feel more like it should. Most of these are already purchased and awaiting attention. With regard to rebasing, I've already textured and white sprayed all the bases they just need painting up. And don't forget the obligatory imperial space marine.

Veterans - Storm Lords, Silver Skulls, Flesh Tearers, Sons of Dorn, Soul Drinkers

Veterans - Hawk Lords, Space Wolves (redmaw), Ultramarines, White minotaurs, Knights of the Raven

Iron hands - one of my favorite and most complete armies, there are still a couple of boxes to tick. The addition of a flyer and a complete 32mm rebase have already been achieved, aside from the bike element. I also finally found a home for the B@C catephractii terminators. Additions still to come include a couple of rhino chassis allowing me to field both the mechanized vehicle and Demi company formations, some stern guard to allow the veteran formation, a bike command squad because they're awesome and finally the last few members of the honor guard squad. Of course I wish to incorporate the overkill sergeant too and an imperial space marine.

Legion of the damned - this is a bit random as aside from my legion of the lost HH tie in squad and a random centurius model I have no lotd. I can't resist such gorgeous models however and although I doubt they'll make the cut for 2016 I hope to add them to the array of marine in my collection. 30 of the chaps to be run as a formation with centurius as one of the sergeants sounds about right.

Luna wolves - ever the thorn in my side, the Luna wolves remain in a state of perpetual limbo. A decent chunk of the infantry are done, but I have never managed to make that final push to get them sorted. One step in the right direction was to get all the bases done but, as with the imperial costs, the wolves aren't on them yet. Part of the challenge lies in sorting out a couple of refurbished old rhinos and the other part in sorting out some greenstuff helms and shoulder studs. I would also like to add a trio of rapiers and some volkite weapons to complete the arsenal.

Veterans - Hammers of Dorn, Space wolves (Ragnar), Howling Griffons, Sons of medusa, Iron Hands

Veterans - Angels of Vengeance, Salamanders, Mentors, Taurans, Astral claws

Raven guard - just when you thought an army was finished. These chaps are already on 32mm and require a last few boxes to be ticked. Some oval bases for their artillery is a good start, followed by two new gorgeous squads from fw, to be run as outflanking command squad and vanguard elite respectively. Let's not forget the poor old imperial space marine, overkill chap to be subbed in as a sergeant and, as an absolute icing on the cake for one of my favorite armies, none other than corax himself. Job done.

Salamanders - another fairly sizable overhaul. The salamanders will lose their ironclad dread to the imperial fists but will more than compensate by gaining a leviathan dread in its stead. As with the imperial fists, they will gain a couple of veteran squads in the form of stern guard and more hammernators. The overkill terminator has also been nicely repurposed as squad sergeant. Token imperial space marine and scouts will be added in and also the biggest challenge I face is repurposing the resin 25mm bases into 32mm with ring expanders and green stuff. It'll be challenging as I need to do about 50 bases.

Space wolves - pups are almost there, having been fully rebased and supplemented with a couple of squads of wulfen. Only a couple of loose ends to sort, namely incorporating stem redblade into the army and adding the new ulrik and iron priest.

Veterans - Knights of Gryphonne, Imperial Fists, Novamarine, Blackshield, Black Templar

Veterans - White consuls, Dark Angels, Disciples of Caliban, Iron Snakes, Blackshield

Ultramarines - smurf buddies are already on 32mm and even have a half converted imperial space marine who is just awaiting his gun. I have a set of vanguard vets set aside to be built and give the magic 3 squads to run as a 1st company strike force plus 5 scouts for the CAD. Last thing for the smurfs is to finish off the honor guard with 5 invictarus suzereins who I intend to convert up. The spare shields will be handy for the vanguard too. Relatively small project to draw a line under these guys.

Whitescars - another army which has its infantry rebased but is awaiting having its bikes done. I donated a land speeder from another army to the whitescars so that they would have the ability to field one of the formations and swapped my company champion for the new model from overkill so he can step up to be a relic armed captain. I also got rid of an old sergeant as I had a spare whitescar resin torso that looked better. The mandatory imperial space marine conversion will of course make its way into the army.

So folks, after that mammoth post where to go next? I will be updating my other blog in a similar manner and hope to proceed by both continuing to paint the blood ravens and updating the armies one at a time as materials and time are available. Using this post as a task list I aim to upload an army shot of each one as they get ticked off the list as well as blood ravens progress so watch out for those in the future. I will endeavor not to get as slack with the blogging as I have been and rather than let it all accrue into one gigantic post will aim to post as I go along. Cheers for reading.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

5 minutes of fame - 2 models get featured in this month's Visions - Loken and Mephiston!

Greetings chaps. This was, as Dan put it to me, a hobby milestone for me. This month I had the honour of having not just one but two models of mine featured in Warhammer visions. I stopped buying the magazine after the first year but had to invest in this months after Dan alerted me to it. The pictures were taken at the open day at WHW end of last year. I saw one of the models get taken off to be photographed and so secretly hoped it would turn up in print one day. The models in question are my Mephiston conversion on page 93 (labelled with a typo as Jamis rather than Jamie - I blame my poor handwriting) and my Loken (page 89), which was entered under Dan's name as you can only enter one model at a time. So, although my name isn't against either of them technically I did get two models in print. Very proud and love the way they look in studio photographed conditions. Cheers. 

Monday, 4 April 2016

FIRST post of 2016 - much belated hobby progress and musings

Hello folks.
Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated! It only just occurred to me the other day just how long it has been since I shared a blog post. This will be my first post of 2016 shockingly, due to many factors. Firstly, 40k has been a bit dry first quarter, and thus there's not really been much to comment on. More importantly things have been super busy in non-40k related terms and I have in that period sat exams, got a new job, sold and bought a house.
All in all pretty nightmarish, and though I have found time for hobby sadly the blogging side of things has suffered. The vast majority of my stuff is packed away with only a few armies and models being left out to work on over the next few months around the time of the house move, but at least that brings some focus to what I'm aiming towards. Now that's out of the way, I'll run through what's been going on these past 3 months.

Raven Guard:
I've added the last elements to my battle demi-company and have also given these chaps a Command squad made from the FW kit. Most importantly, and something I'm working towards with all the SM armies, I have rebased the entire army onto 32mm and pretty much basecoated every model except for about 10 stragglers. Very happy with how these chaps have come out - I only have a couple more purchases planned for them in the form of the two 30k squad types to use as vanguard / sternguard respectively.

Space Wolves:
I added 5 Wulfen to the army, which as it turns out are gorgeous models. I am currently hoping to spend a couple of days on the army both updating them to 32mm bases and also updating my original wulfen models to be wolf guard using some spare parts from the new Wulfen kit - seems that particular pack is more influenced by their presence. I do love the new Ulrik and Iron Priest models and have added them to the never ending wishlist.

Blood Angels:
Couldn't resist adding the gorgeous new Chaplain model to the army and at the same time I invested in another tactical box, replacing 10 of the older more static members of the army with newer models. I also went all out and replaced 90% of the marines onto 32mm bases, leaving just a few chaps (DC and characters) on 25mm for now until I spray up some more 32mm bases. The Blood Angel army is my largest and most beloved but sadly never quite gets to the point where I'm happy with it. My new policy is to focus more upon getting models to tabletop standards (i.e. one coat on everything) so from a distance they are respectable, rather than painting up squads to a high standard, which takes a lot of time. To this end I am trying to paint up a demi company to those standards as a starting point. I'm about halfway there and hope to be done by the summer in between other things. 

Luna Wolves:
The last real project army amongst my marines. These chaps got the final piece to the puzzle when Betrayal at Calth (still not played it) came out. With a couple of exceptions, every model was donated to them and thus the ranks of the wolves swelled to almost double the size. As well as these models I also added both a Spartan tank and Xiphon Interceptor to them. My main aims are as follows with the army between now and Summertime. Firstly, get all the models assembled and sprayed white. (or black in the case of Abaddon and his Justerein) Secondly, as none of the models are on bases and the resin bases I have for them are all 25mm, I'm going to have to either use 32mm adaptors to make them al up to size or buy/make some 32mm bases for them. This in itself is a massive undertaking and will take some time. Once all this  is complete, the army will still be a few models away from completion, needing some accessories and a couple more tanks, but the back of the beast will be broken.

What a treat this set was. Beautiful and characterful minis galore. I had to restrain myself from getting two sets for conversion potential. Ultimately head won over heart though and I stuck to the one set. I have a dozen deathwatch that I have made previously and so will be great alongside these chaps. Saying that though, when I built the new deathwatch models I gave them industrial bases to match the board, so now they have a similar theme to my Iron hands (need updating to 32mm) and are out of synch with my old deathwatch models, which are still on 25mm 'alien' bases. The bases incidentally were easy to make using a pair of dividers and some textured plasticard. Not only some glorious models but also a fantastically fun game - Dan and I are about halfway through the campaign.  

That's all for today folks. Will be posting on other blog in 2 days then here again with an exciting post on Friday. Cheers.

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Goodbye 2015...............and hello 2016

Hi folks,

Been working some cruel shifts lately and have impending exams so relatively quiet on the hobby and blogging front. Thought I would post a brief summary / review of the year and what we may have to look forward to in the coming year. 


The year kicked off with a meagre model release for Necrons (a single overlord) but heralded the new style 'decurion' codex, which while a great way to organise armies had a couple of unwanted side-effects, namely introducing a two-tier power level for armies and making a lot of army book that were released in the second half of 2014 suddenly seem outdated prematurely. 

February brought a pleasant surprise in the form of a Harlequin stand-alone codex and complete plastic model range, setting a new precedent as far as releases go. This was followed shortly thereafter by a new Eldar book - the first of the 6E codexes to get a 7E update. Rather than make it balanced, it only cranked the power up one level sadly. Though it was great to finally get those plastic jetbikes we all craved. Notched in between these two releases was another new trend in the form of Khorne Daemonkin, a hybrid book that fell just shy of the mark by leaving out a few key characters. On the plus side, we did get a great plastic bloodthirster model, followed later in the year by a surprising plastic Skarbrand also.

Next up was the long-anticipated Adeptus Mechanicus range, split into two distinct smaller books (Skitarii and Cult Mechanicus) for what are obviously litigious reasons following the Chapterhouse debacle. A beautiful and comprehensive model range accompanied both of these. It obvious that at some future point these will be merged into one book with some additions to the range and they are definitely on my priority list when money/time allows. Hot on their tail came two further small releases, namely an updated Knight model and book and the Standalone game execution force, which not only gave us plastic assassins (plus WD rules) but a great little game to play which is highly enjoyable.

Phew, we're almost halfway through the year now and no year would be complete without a bit of Space Marine action. A new codex marine book was accompanied by retools of the last of the outdated infantry kits, the great devastator set and not so great assault kit. A plastic terminator Librarian was also thrown in as was a plastic Interrogator Chaplain for the Dark Angel Codex that followed shortly thereafter. Both books were brought up to scratch with the other new updates and sadly in doing so they even further invalidated the other Marine books from last year with changes to scouts, dreadnoughts and the like. 
We then had a few months to breathe while the age of Sigmar release took precedent, to be presented with a couple of big releases towards the end of the year. The first of these was the Tau release which not only treated us to a host of new kits but also 2 campaign supplements and some Tau scenery, both following the release trends from 2014 (namely Stormclaw and Deathstorm) and introducing the element of race-specific scenery at last. Another benefit of the campaign books (as well as a new Raven Guard model and Tau Ethereal) was that we got some amazing dataslates for two space marine Chapter (Whitescars / Raven Guard), Cadians and Farsight, as well as shedloads of Tau goodies. Again, plenty of scope to expand on this model over the next couple of years.

Lastly, who could forget betrayal at Calth. A stand-alone game that also gave us fantastic model value for marines that could be used in 40k, and perhaps most significantly the first 30k/40k crossover. A couple of unique model releases for previously limited items (assassins, BA terminator Captain) and a great new BA Chaplain also slipped in. As a footnote, who could forget the amazing FW releases this year, both with books, 30k legion models and a few biggies - Tau Supremacy armour, Admech ordinatus and, of course, the immense Warlord Titan.

It's nice to see WFB returning to the front line which also gives us more breathing space between 40k releases to actually absorb info and save for spending. I know I missed out on several armies (Harlequins/Admech) that I would always have loved to collect simply because of the pace and cost involved. Phew, one book for every month! Overall a great year for 40k which has seen new directions and given us a 'game-plan' that GW seems set on following more consistently now than it has in the past few years. The format seems established now, which can only lead us to speculate about what may be coming in....


Well, the smart money would be on them updating the 6E codexes to 7E for a cheap buck. I imagine several, such as AM and Tyranids, will be at the front of the queue as they already have an abundance of units/dataslates elsewhere that need rolling in. I'd expect limited model releases for them, but having said that the scale of the Tau release was a surprise and so perhaps a host of models will arrive with them - Nids especially and a new Guard regiment would be amazing (we can hope). 

Surely Chaos must be on the horizon sometime soon. The CSM and CD books are now the oldest ones out there and when you compare the updates the loyalist marines have had in recent times the CSM codex and model range is lagging behind. Not that I don't like the flavour of the CD book, but one can't help but feel it is so much book-keeping for the player that a simpler version (as seen in K:DK) would be welcomed. Alongside more plastic greater daemons of course. 

More 30k plastics and releases of items previously only available in boxed sets (such as the limited character and BaC models) are likely also. In terms of FW, I'm sure the legions, Primarchs and (hopefully) 40k admech books/models will continue. With regard to the early 7E 40K books, one day we are sure to get updates but who knows what pace this will be at and how many models will accompany them. 

We now get into wishlist territory rather than probable releases. Every year I say it, and I have a good feeling for 2016, but that plastic sisters army can't be far off now. I would be all over that like a rash, as would many I suspect. Come on GW, give the people what they want! I would also love to see an 'Imperial agents' book incorporating Inquisition, Arbites and assassins, but I doubt this one. There are rumours abound of the return of specialist games (necromunda, gothic, epic) which again would be great and I would definitely get into. Epic was my first love in the GW world and I would love it to get a revamp. Also, a genestealer cult vs deathwatch stand-alone was mentioned - again would be brilliant and something people have wanted for an age. 

In conclusion, lots to look forward to in the coming year. This is a busy one for me as I have entrance exams for my dream training position, which if all works out will involve a move to the other end of the country and a bigger house (more GW space!) etc so all in all a busy year already. I'm sure I'll still find time for hobby though. Happy new year to everyone!

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Unoffical Blood Angels errata

Oh GW, why doth thou tempt us so? Only a week ago the prospect of global FAQs/Erratas were dangled in front of us, which many of us thought would bring balance to the force and make those  prematurely outdated Astartes Codexes (Blood Angels / Space Wolves / Grey Knights) on par with the other updated chapters. But sadly no. Yet again, ball dropped and player base neglected. Well, it doesn't take a genius to come up with the obvious errata that they seemingly can't put together themselves and so I put myself to task with it. Below you will find a (hopefully) comprehensive errata for the latest Blood Angel codex bringing it in line with the Dark Angel / Space Marine codexes. This is NOT an FAQ and makes no attempt to bring the Shield of Baal stuff (yet) or detachments / formations up to speed. It's simply text to cut and paste rather than a downloadable document. Anything I've missed please let me know and I will update. Cheers.
p51 Wargear list:
·         Add Grav-cannon and grav amp to the heavy weapons list for 35 points. 
·         Amend Dreadnought weapons list as follows:
o   May replace multi-melta with one of the following
§  Twin-linked autocannon - 5 points
§  Twin-linked heavy bolter - 5 points
§  Twin-linked heavy flamer - 5 points
§  Plasma cannon - 5 points
§  Assault cannon - 10 points
§  Twin-linked lascannon - 15 points

p56 Librarian Dreadnought:
Increase attacks characteristic to 4.

p60 Sanguinary priest:
Add terminator options as per Chaplain entry on page 64.

p62/63 Techmarine:
Increase base cost to 65 points. 

Change BS to 5, W to 2, A to 2 and Ld to 9. 

Add power axe to standard equipment and remove option.

p65 Tactical squad:
·         Change cost of teleport homer to 5 points

p66 Scout squad:
·         Increase Ws and BS to 4.
·         Change cost of teleport homer to 5 points

p67 Command squad:
·         Change base cost to 90 points.
·         Change base composition to 5 Veterans.
·         Add options to upgrade one/two model as follows:
o   Sanguinary novitiate taking a narthecium and blood chalice - 15 points.
o   Company Champion replacing chainsword with power weapon and combat shield - 15 points.

p71 Dreadnought:
·         Increase attacks characteristic to 4.
·         May include two additional Dreadnoughts for 100 points each.
·         If the unit includes no additional Dreadnoughts, it may select a Drop pod as a dedicated transport.

p72 Death Company Dreadnought:
·         Increase attacks characteristic to 4.
·         May include two additional Death company Dreadnoughts for 100 points each.
·     If the unit includes no additional Death company Dreadnoughts, it may select a Drop pod as a dedicated transport.

p73 Furioso Dreadnought:
·         Increase attacks characteristic to 4.
·         May include two additional Furioso Dreadnoughts for 100 points each.
·     If the unit includes no additional Furioso Dreadnoughts, it may select a Drop pod as a dedicated transport.

p74 Terminator squad:
·         Decrease base cost to 175 points.
·         Decrease additional terminator cost to 35 points each.

p75 Terminator assault squad:
·         Decrease base cost to 175 points.
·         Decrease additional terminator cost to 35 points each.
·         Increase cost of Thunder hammer and Storm shield upgrade to 10 points per model.

p76 Vanguard veteran squad:
·     Amend heroic intervention rule: A unit with this special rule can re-roll one or both dice when determining its charge range. Furthermore, a unit with this special rule ignores the penalty for disordered charges.
·         Remove option for any model to take items from the melee weapons list.
o   Add the following options to the 'Any model may replace its bolt pistol and / or chainsword with one of the following' list:
§  Power weapon or lightning claw - 5 points per model.
§  Power fist - 15 points per model.
§  Thunder hammer - 20 points per model.

p81 Land speeders:
·         Decrease base cost by 5 points.
·         Add anti-grav upwash rule - Whilst this unit includes three land speeders, it can move an additional 6" when moving flat-out.
·         Replace 'Any land speeder may take one of the following' as follows:
o   Heavy bolter or heavy flamer - 5 points.
o   Multi-melta - 10 points.
o   Assault cannons - 20 points.
o   Typhoon missile launcher - 25 points.

p82 Assault squad:
·         Reduce base cost to 70 points.
·         Remove jump pack from standard wargear list.
·         Change cost of additional space marines from 17 points to 14 points.
·         Add the following options:
o   The entire squad may take jump packs - 3 points per model
o   For every five models in the unit one model may replace its bolt pistol and chainsword with an eviscerator - 25 points.
·       Change the last paragraph to 'If the squad does not take jump packs, it may select a drop pod, rhino or razorback as a dedicated transport.

p83 Bike squad:
·         Change the cost of the Attack bike upgrade to 40 points.

p84 Attack bike squad:
·         Change the cost of the Attack bike to 40 points.

p85 Scout bike squad:
·         Change the WS and BS to 4.

p88 Devastator squad:
·         The unit may take an armorium Cherub - 5 points.

p89 Baal Predator:
·         May include two additional Baal Predators for 115 points per model.
·         Add the Killshot special rule:
o   Whilst this unit includes three Baal Predators, all Predators in the unit have the monster hunter and tank hunter special rules.

p90 Predator:
·         May include two additional Predators for 75 points per model.
·         Add the Killshot special rule:
o   Whilst this unit includes three Baal Predators, all Predators in the unit have the monster hunter and tank hunter special rules.

p91 Vindicator:
·         Add the linebreaker bombardment rule:
o   If this unit contain three vindicators that can all fire their demolisher cannons, the squadron can fire a single linebreaker bombardment instead of firing normally. To do so, nominate one model in the squadron as the firer; the firer's demolisher cannon changes its type from large blast to apocalyptic blast and gains the ignores cover special rule.

p92 Whirlwind:
·         Add the suppressive bombardment rule:            
o   Whilst this unit includes three whirlwinds, each models whirlwind multiple missile launcher has the pinning and shred special rules (regardless of which missile type it fires).


Grav amp - when rolling to wound with a grav-weapon, or to determine its effects on a vehicle, the bearer can re-roll the result.
Armorium cherub - One use only. One model in a unit equipped with an armorium cherub can re-roll all failed to hit rolls in one shooting phase.
Now, there are a few personal choices in there such as changing the command squad structure, terminator option for Sanguinary Priests and the wording of the heroic intervention rules for Vanguard, but I stand by them all being changes for the better. I didn't add in Land speeder storms as Dark Angels didn't get them either. Hope this is useful for people to cut and paste / print out. My next post will be in the new year most likely and will be about all things Luna Wolves. Cheers.