Sunday, 29 July 2018

Black Templars army showcase

Greetings folks.

Hot on the heels of the Raven guard showcase is the Black Templars showcase. By my count that leaves Blood Angels, Ultramarines and Deathwatch to go! Blood Angels will need to be split across 2 posts I suspect, Ultramarines are missing a couple of the Japanese exclusives that I haven;t managed to get ahold of yet and the Deathwatch I was hanging on to see if I would expand them with Primaris - I intend to ultimately but won't be for a while now so I may as well post them sooner than later. 

On to the showcase. This is a really nice themed army replete with characters and units fluffy to the Templars as both crusaders and sons of Dorn. It is principally an infantry army with a few supporting vehicles and a Stormraven to aid their mobility. There are conversions aplenty in there from the monk-hair scouts to the robed and GK-helmed terminators. I tried to make the most out of the BT upgrades and generic cloths/seals to ensure all marines have plenty on them. The captions below will expand upon the units. 

Full army shot

From above, note the 2 rhinos, razorback, drop pod and Stormraven.

4 Crusader squads - 2 melee with neophytes and 2 ranged.

Castellan Draco (lt), Helbrecht, Grimaldus and an Imperial space marine, with a bike squad and Techmarine on bike 

Emperors champion and Chapter Ancient, with a speeder and dreadnought, and of course a land raider crusader.

Converted terminators and converted centurions

Apothecary, Marshall, Company Champion and Chaplain

Company vets and vanguard

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Raven guard army showcase.

Hi folks.

So this one kind of slipped through the net. I was just going over which armies I needed to do a showcase for still (I make it 5 now - coming up soon) and raven guard stumped me a bit. I recalled taking the photos for them and posting them but couldn’t find the showcase anywhere. Turns out I posted them to the end of year round up but never actually gave them their own spotlight. So, without further ado, here it is.

My raven guard army was conceptualised as an almost pure infantry army that was jump pack heavy. As a result you can see that in addition to the demi-company it also has an extra assault squad and a fair few veterans. No Primaris reiver/aggressor spam for me, and aside from the devastators there are only a few units designed to operate at range, such as the storm eagle, rapiers and dreadnought. There are also a chunk of scouts which fit the fluff nicely and help to tip the army over the 100 model mark. This army also has Corax in it, although he has only graced the battlefield once in 7th when he took out Horus! Great army yet to make its debut in 8th edition. Cheers.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Moving on to new projects and club scenery purge

Hi folks,

Been a while as I've mostly bee working on non-marine projects a few months now, aside for a bit of tinkering with my Dark Angels. Looks like Knights and my 'tale of gamers' pledge to gradually build up a thousand sons army will take priority for a while. But, I still need to put out a few showcases for armies that I haven't got around to doing yet. Blood angels certainly spring to mind. 

Anyway, one thing that has been taking up a lot of time lately is the gaming club scenery. I've been at the club for a year and a half now which has been great. Generally we fill 4 tables every Thursday night and store our scenery at the venue. This is a great set up, but what was apparant to me is although we had a decent amount of scenery, much of it was in need of repair / painting. I therefore pledge to tackle this to make games more enjoyable for everyone.

First things first, we needed cash. After a bit of a whip-round and sales of a few not-wanted items, we came up with a budget. Next, we needed a decent storage solution, as making all the repairs only to store things back in the same damaged and open-topped boxes was a waste of effort. Six 110L boxes later we had our storage solution. I then set upon the scenery, taking all of it home and sorting through it (luckily the wife was away for a few weeks). Also, I reinforced one of our sets of boards and added an old citadel mat to it to make it more attractive.

By using a lot of glue/sand and some hardboard/placemats, I was able to put together 25+ pieces of scenery, most of which are pictured below. We still have a bit more scenery that was donated and that we have bought with spare funds since then. One issue it that it still needs painting. I have a bit of the budget left to address this with later in the year. Also, we would like to make some LOS blocking rocks out of insulation board, which we also hope to have donated and work on later this year. 


Ultimately it's bee hard work but very rewarding to see people down the club enjoying it. It will,  however, be nice to have a break from it to enjoy my own hobbying for a while. Cheers.

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Heroes of Badab army showcase

Who are the heroes of badab I hear you ask. Simply put, they are a themed army I created to represent each of the space marine armies of the badab war on the same battlefield. This army has gone through a few changes in the previous edition, most markedly changing from 5 raptors and 5 exorcists as scouts to 10 raptor scouts and 10 exorcist tacticals in a pod. 8th edition has seen changes by rounding up the star phantoms to a 10 man squad, the red scorpions company veterans to 5 man and giving each army save for the salamanders a character. I run them as ultramarines. Here is the organisation of the army - please note some models are still in different base colours before I restructured them. 

Fire angels - predator and counts as chronus due to preference for armoured warfare. 
Fire hawks - vindicator as preference for then plus a mk3 captain as use a lot of mk3. 
Sons of Medusa - relic javelin and techmarine as iron hands successors. 
Salamanders - contemptor dreadnought. 
Marines errant - fleet based hence stormtalon and a lieutenant. 
Novamarines - Tartaros terminators as stocks ancient patterns plus a catephractii captain to count as blaylock. 
Star phantoms - devastator squads as they prefer with plasma. Imperial space marine. 
Carcharadons - vanguard veterans led by tyberos 
Raptors - 2 squads of scouts with a counts-as telion
Red scorpions - company veterans and razorback with ancient, apothecary, champion and culln. 
Howling griffons - tactical squad in rhino led by jump chaplain. 
Minotaurs - tactical squad in rhino with enkomi and moloc. 
Exorcists - tactical squad in drop pod led by terminator librarian. 

And that’s it. Army finished. Any last minute additions? I was considering a salamanders hq which would leave either the named captain or ash mantle as options. Other than that there is nil to add. Obviously all the bases are finished nicely but the models themselves have a fair way to go. I’d like to try some custom decals on them when the time comes. Cheers.

Friday, 20 April 2018

Dark Angels army showcase

Dark angels. The first legion. The unforgiven. 

This army has been a pleasure to craft over the years and started as little more than a 2k doublewing army. The advent of dark imperium and the newer dark angels books brought he temptation of expansion after expansion. Ultimately, it has grown into my 2nd largest army after the blood angels. The theme is triplewing with grass and forestry bases. 

The deathwing comprise 27 terminators, 5 deathwing knights, a land raider crusader, venerable dreadnought and a host of characters. These are: Belial, a terminator librarian, chaplain, ancient, apothecary and champion. 

Ravenwing have several conversions in there, mainly characters. There’s sammael, a bike librarian, chaplain, champion, apothecary, ancient and techmarine. 2 squads of bikes each with an attack bike make up the core of the force. There are 8 black knights (who are amazing) and a pair of land speeders, one of which can be swapped out to a huntmaster or sammael in sableclaw. Lastly, a land speeder vengeance / darkshroud and dark talon / nephilim finish off the force. 

Finally, greenwing consist of a demi-company (30 tacticals, 10 assault and 10 devastator) as the core, as well as 10 scouts. Infantry characters include a converted azrael, 2 masters, 2 lieutenants, apothecary, imperial space marine, company and chapter ancient, champion, 2 interrogator chaplains, a librarian, a techmarine and the names characters asmodai and Ezekiel. In terms of armour there’s a land raider and 3 converted tanks which can be fielded as a predator / vindicator / whirlwind or rhino / razorback, plus a drop pod and standard dreadnought. A more recent addition was a bargain stormraven which, while green, is still painted as a salamander vehicle. Finally, there are a host of veterans who I intend to donate mostly to a fallen army project as they are much more restricted in dark angel armies now. 


So that’s it, an unintentionally huge army that I’ve had a lot of fun playing with lately. I want to thin out the veterans to get the numbers down and form a fallen army led by cypher. In terms of additions, i would love to add another dark talon to be able to field an air wing. A wishlist item is the Forgeworld relic plasma predator just because it fits the army. Lastly, I have parts to make some custom objective markers at some point. Cheers. 

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Iron Hands army showcase

It’s a great pleasure to showcase this army as at one point it was my most completely painted. Now it has expanded and been rebased but is still impressive from a distance. Ill briefly go over the theme and then explore the units. Iron hands are supposed to be very much in touch with machines, thus I knew it would have to be a heavily mechanised army. The basing I also wanted to be machine-related and so I went for an industrial theme. 

The characters are mostly converted and are slightly less numerous than before as I donated a couple of techmarines to other chapters. Captain-wise there is a converted bike captain/cyborg and a converted catephractii captain. There are 3 characters wielding a hammer/sword/combiplasma that can be used as champions/captains/lieutenants as needed. I addition, we have a converted terminator librarian, apothecary, chaplain, standard bearer and imperial space marine. Lastly, 2 foot techmarines and a techmarine on trike. 2 of these have conversion beamers. 

Moving on to the infantry now. 3 full tactical squads make up the bulk of the army, though we also have a devastator squad and 10 scouts, plus 5 foot vanguard and 2 honour guard (previously all honour guard). Terminators come in the form of 5 catephractii and 5 assault terminators. There are 10 mk3 sternguard present also. Lastly, both a 5 man bike command squad (fw) and 5 man bike squad plus attack bike (quad) aid mobility. 

On to vehicles now. There are 3 rhinos and a drop pod (not pictured) to give the army some mobility. Further transport comes in the form of a godhammer land raider, converted to have tracks all around. There are 4 tanks, 3 of which are new rhino chassis converted with older weapons of a vindicator, whirlwind and predator respectively (the 4th being a hunter). Air support comes in the form of a stormhawk. Lastly, what iron hands army would be complete without dreadnoughts? Here we have 3 - 2 venerable and 1 contemptor. 

And with that the army is complete. They were an absolute pleasure to build and convert, my only regret being that some of the later additions from the prospero set lack the bionics of my earlier conversions. Half the army is fully painted with the other half needing attention at some point. I would love a ferris mannus to lead them (in spirit if not on the tabletop) and would definitely consider adding a super heavy such as a Cerberus if the chance arose. Cheers. 

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Whitescar complete - showcase

It’s not deja vu. I have previously posted a whitescars showcase but there have been a couple of changes since which I thought warranted an update. Namely, a few additions to the company veterans and a lieutenant. Without repeating myself too much I’ll give a brief overview. 

with the bike squads or individually. 5 scout and 5 company veteran bikers make up the last of the mounted contingent. There are 5 more mobile infantry in the form of jump pack vanguard. Both they and the company veterans use 30k conversion parts. I didn’t include anything like dreadnoughts, drop pods, devastators or terminators as I didn’t feel they reflected the background of the whitescars. 

Next we come on to the last few elements. 2 10 man tactical squads and 5 scouts make up the troop contingent. A pair of rhinos transport the tactical infantry. Air support comes in the form of a stormtalon and both a land speeder and land speeder storm. Ranged firepower is provided by a predator and its big brother, a sicaran. Lastly, a random trio of tarantulas are included for a bit more ranged firepower - I see them as being the trap the whitescars herd their prey towards. 

Well that’s it for the scars. I love the look and few of the army and, since rebasing them all, have decided to sway from the aquarium plants instead preferring the bracken and vine scenery sets from gw. I’m in the middle of painting these now. No future plans as such but the one thing I thought would fit nicely with the army would be a land raider proteus for a bit more heavy support.  Cheers.