Saturday, 29 December 2018

Deathwatch army showcase

Seasons greetings folks. The past few months have been filled with many challenges that have impacted my hobby time. Of these the one that has impacted the most is having a house extension built, which led to me having no hobby space for a couple of months during the turmoil. However, I’m now set back up and trying to get on track with a few projects. 

The deathwatch were, I believe, the last outstanding showcase from my space marine project log. To recap, the idea was to get all the armies to a standard where they are assembled and ready to place on the tabletop with nothing sitting in a box waiting to be assembled. I’m happy to say that as of this moment I have reached that target. 

The reasons for the deathwatch being late to the game were that not only were they the last (non primaris) marine army that I started to collect, but also I decided to expand them to include primaris amongst their number when the new book hit. My friend mike was looking to get rid of his primaris stuff and so a few conversions and a shapeways order later and I now have an army almost double the size of before. 

35 veterans and a host of primaris marines allow both parts of the army to be totally customised to try out different things. A bit of ranged support exists in the form of a land raider, pair of dreadnought and a Corvus black star. I’m hoping to get a repulsor and couple of primaris characters to add once Warhammer conquest gets to that stage also, but most of the deathwatch action is up close and personal via the teleportation chamber. (Plus a non pictured drop pod) 

And with that I draw to a close both 2018 and my marine showcases. 2019 marks a bit of a hobby landmark in that regard in that it will be the first year in quite some time without any new (loyalist) marine projects. Plus I will be moving into my new hobby room in about a months time. As a result blogging will probably be a bit less frequent on this blog but maybe a bit more active on codex imperialis due to other projects taking centre stage. Plus a couple more things that may materialise in the near furture. Cheers.

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Legion of the damned showcase

Hi folks, 

My penultimate army showcase is actually my smallest. It's a legion of the damned force, which sadly is pretty difficult to run being an index-only option these days with no official HQ options. They're mostly made up of the gorgeous LOTD models with some conversions so that no two look the same and a sergeant centurius model taking centre stage. Lava bases were made by painting bases up with a mixture of red and yellow on them before painting over with  GW crackle paint and then drybrushing black over this. Cheers.

Monday, 3 September 2018

Blood angels complete 5th company army showcase

Hi folks. Saving the best til (almost) last – here, finally, are my Blood angels. My first marine army back in second edition and my favourite marine chapter, this also serves as my largest army. I will try to break it down as best I can to fit in a single post. The battle company makes up the vast majority of the army and is formed as you would expect. Devastators and 5/6 of the tactical marines are magnetised at the waist and head to be interchangeable, as are many of the sergeant arms and one of the assault squads packs. In terms of the armoury, I have 6 rhino chassis and a land raider which are magnetised for different loadouts. I have a stormraven and hawk and would like to add a talon at some point to make up the air wing. 

Moving on to specialists now. I have 15 death company with magnetised JPs and some army. 3 squads of scouts make up 10th company support and I have a small squad of bikes and attack bikes from one of the reserve companies to aid with fast attack. A 10-man squad of sanguinary guard with magnetised helm options makes up my golden host. Finally, the first company is well represented with 6 dreadnoughts (1 DC, 1 lib, 1 chaplain, 1 normal and 2 furioso), 10 assault terminators, 10 terminators, 10 sternguard and 10 vanguard. 5 company veterans add to my elite squads. 

Lastly, on to the characters. I have an array of captains, priests and chaplains as seen below, as well as a few other supporting units. Of particular note is my converted Mephiston, who was featured in Warhammer visions! Sadly my terminator priests were no longer valid and so got converted into an ancient and one still remains as a priest for posterity. I do have a converted Seth who, maybe one day, will get a (Primaris?) detachment to go along with him. Of course all other special characters are present in either their original or slightly converted guise. It has been a pleasure to build this army over the decades and now, as always, it just needs some tlc to get it looking its best. Cheers.

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Ultramarines army showcase

Hi all,

Getting close to the final showcases now. Only Blood Angels and Deathwatch to go. As a brief update I was generously given a job lot of Primaris by a friend from our gaming club - between these and the new tooth and claw set I will be adding a chunk of Primaris marines to my deathwatch army, nearly doubling the boots on the ground. It also allowed me to add some reivers, aggressors, inceptors and a dreadnought to my Sons of Orar so they will be due a showcase update sometime before the nd of the year. Plus one random Gravis Captain who, in a departure from my previous approach, has been added to my Ultramarines. Reasoning being that he was nicely painted as a Smurf and it was either use or lose him. 

Speaking of updates, now seems a good time to recap hobby plans towards the end of the year. Having now acquired a few Space Marines I will aim to get them updated also, but this will push back other projects in turn. Despite taking part in a tale of gamers with the club, I have made precious little progress with anything Chaos and have decided to give up on it until next year - this will officially be the year of Chaos and Sororitas! In the meantime as well as marines I am steadily plodding through my admech which are seeing their tournament debut next week. As well as expanding my Knights to include Dominus patterns by the end of the year I am also looking to assemble some Imperial Guard to represent a Necromundan regiment. A host of smaller projects remain to either complete this year or in between larger projects next.

Anyway, it’s time for the Sons of Guilleman to take centre stage. This army has undergone a fair few evolutions in its time and is now complete save for a handful of Japan exclusive marines I want to get my hands on still to finish the tactical squads, hence why they are unfinished here. The army is formed around a battle demi-company with a variety of HQ units (including Robby G himself). There is first company support in the form of 2 units of vanguard, sternguard and terminators as well as  some scouts. A few unique units have snuck their way in also, namely a deredeo dreadnought and the HQ tanks from Warhammer world. Cheers.   

Full army shot

From above, note the 3 missing marines.

10 sternguard, 10 vanguard and some honour guard, a captain and 2 lieutenants.

2 rhinos, a razorback, landspeeder, dreadnought and deredeo.

Land Raider Excelsior (also has parts to be a godhammer or helios), Rhino Primaris and Predator with Chronus. Note also Guilleman, Calgar, Terminator Captain, Gravis Captain and Librarian

A stormhawk with drop pod behind.

Devastator, assault and tactical marines, with a company ancient and champion, Sicarius, Techmarine and Cassius.

2 more tactical squads, company veterans then an apothecary, Imperial space marine, Tigurius and chapter ancient/champion

2 units of scouts with Telion and Chronus

Sunday, 29 July 2018

Black Templars army showcase

Greetings folks.

Hot on the heels of the Raven guard showcase is the Black Templars showcase. By my count that leaves Blood Angels, Ultramarines and Deathwatch to go! Blood Angels will need to be split across 2 posts I suspect, Ultramarines are missing a couple of the Japanese exclusives that I haven;t managed to get ahold of yet and the Deathwatch I was hanging on to see if I would expand them with Primaris - I intend to ultimately but won't be for a while now so I may as well post them sooner than later. 

On to the showcase. This is a really nice themed army replete with characters and units fluffy to the Templars as both crusaders and sons of Dorn. It is principally an infantry army with a few supporting vehicles and a Stormraven to aid their mobility. There are conversions aplenty in there from the monk-hair scouts to the robed and GK-helmed terminators. I tried to make the most out of the BT upgrades and generic cloths/seals to ensure all marines have plenty on them. The captions below will expand upon the units. 

Full army shot

From above, note the 2 rhinos, razorback, drop pod and Stormraven.

4 Crusader squads - 2 melee with neophytes and 2 ranged.

Castellan Draco (lt), Helbrecht, Grimaldus and an Imperial space marine, with a bike squad and Techmarine on bike 

Emperors champion and Chapter Ancient, with a speeder and dreadnought, and of course a land raider crusader.

Converted terminators and converted centurions

Apothecary, Marshall, Company Champion and Chaplain

Company vets and vanguard

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Raven guard army showcase.

Hi folks.

So this one kind of slipped through the net. I was just going over which armies I needed to do a showcase for still (I make it 5 now - coming up soon) and raven guard stumped me a bit. I recalled taking the photos for them and posting them but couldn’t find the showcase anywhere. Turns out I posted them to the end of year round up but never actually gave them their own spotlight. So, without further ado, here it is.

My raven guard army was conceptualised as an almost pure infantry army that was jump pack heavy. As a result you can see that in addition to the demi-company it also has an extra assault squad and a fair few veterans. No Primaris reiver/aggressor spam for me, and aside from the devastators there are only a few units designed to operate at range, such as the storm eagle, rapiers and dreadnought. There are also a chunk of scouts which fit the fluff nicely and help to tip the army over the 100 model mark. This army also has Corax in it, although he has only graced the battlefield once in 7th when he took out Horus! Great army yet to make its debut in 8th edition. Cheers.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Moving on to new projects and club scenery purge

Hi folks,

Been a while as I've mostly bee working on non-marine projects a few months now, aside for a bit of tinkering with my Dark Angels. Looks like Knights and my 'tale of gamers' pledge to gradually build up a thousand sons army will take priority for a while. But, I still need to put out a few showcases for armies that I haven't got around to doing yet. Blood angels certainly spring to mind. 

Anyway, one thing that has been taking up a lot of time lately is the gaming club scenery. I've been at the club for a year and a half now which has been great. Generally we fill 4 tables every Thursday night and store our scenery at the venue. This is a great set up, but what was apparant to me is although we had a decent amount of scenery, much of it was in need of repair / painting. I therefore pledge to tackle this to make games more enjoyable for everyone.

First things first, we needed cash. After a bit of a whip-round and sales of a few not-wanted items, we came up with a budget. Next, we needed a decent storage solution, as making all the repairs only to store things back in the same damaged and open-topped boxes was a waste of effort. Six 110L boxes later we had our storage solution. I then set upon the scenery, taking all of it home and sorting through it (luckily the wife was away for a few weeks). Also, I reinforced one of our sets of boards and added an old citadel mat to it to make it more attractive.

By using a lot of glue/sand and some hardboard/placemats, I was able to put together 25+ pieces of scenery, most of which are pictured below. We still have a bit more scenery that was donated and that we have bought with spare funds since then. One issue it that it still needs painting. I have a bit of the budget left to address this with later in the year. Also, we would like to make some LOS blocking rocks out of insulation board, which we also hope to have donated and work on later this year. 


Ultimately it's bee hard work but very rewarding to see people down the club enjoying it. It will,  however, be nice to have a break from it to enjoy my own hobbying for a while. Cheers.