Grey Knights

Grey Knights were the first new army I bought when I got back into the hobby. I have to admit I love the army, or more that I loved it when it was an elite force taken by a few players who wanted a fluffy, specific army. Nowadays it has become a very popular army due to how powerful it is on the tabletop, and that has taken something away from it IMO. However, I have a fair sized force consisting of a dreadknight, 2 dreadnoughts, land raider, stormraven, 2 rhinos, 15 TAGKs, 30 PAGKs and a few characters, assassins and inquisitorial henchmen. I have played with them a few times with mostly success, and TBH I think the current surplus of GK armies puts me off using them a bit. Still, they are a pleasure to paint and I'm gradually wading my way through them with some very nice force weapon wet-blending techniques being mastered in the process.

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