Sons of Dorn - the stubborn (Imperial Fists)

I reluctantly accepted the challenge to paint an all yellow army and, as per usual, picked up an ebay army to get me on the way. It was nothing short of a battle company of half painted Imperial fists plus a couple of characters and a ton of fist shoulder pads - enough to outfit both my fist armies. A bargain at £60!

So, I decided that lysander would be a good start for this army seeing as he's the only IF character in the book. To take advantage of his bolter drill I teamed him with 5 AoBR terminators and heavily converted a land raider to resemble the FW pre-heresy raider using some plasticard and imperial guard parts. In addition, I added in the spare chaplain and librarian from the ebay lot giving a selection of characters for display purposes and some options for gaming.

The infantry contingent consisted of two tactical squads in rhinos, a small devastator and assault squad and 10 sniper scouts led by telion. A vindicator seemed like a must for an IF army, as did a pair of dreadnoughts. To this end I picked up a cheap FW vindicator off ebay, converted an AoBR dread to be a long-ranged las/missile dread and picked up the amazing mkIV ironclad. The finishing touches were a drop pod and a captain with command squad and razorback. The main reason behind this final squad was to use some models which I had spare and that had no other purpose in other armies, yet I have found the squad to be highly effective in games despite this particular army's poor track record on the battlefield.

Colour was a bit of a problem for these chaps. The painted contingent were already yellow washed heavily with orange. I tried to replicate this on one of the rhinos and the ranged dread, but was far from happy with the results. Other models, such as the terminators, ironclad, scouts and other vehicles have been painted in yellow over a white undercoat prior to washing with thinned gryphonne sepia. Add this to the fact the command squad/captains are in gold and the army has a somewhat splintered appearance. I am trying to gradually rectify this by lightening the shade on the 'orange' models with a 50:50 mix of white and yellow, which so far seems to be working OK.

Command squad + razorback
Tactical squad + rhino
Tactical squad + rhino
Sniper scouts + telion
Ironclad + DP
Assault squad
Land raider
Vindicator + chronus

And a few snapshots of some of the army so far: