Sons of Horus - Luna Wolves

Sergeant Nero Vipus, Locasta tactical squad
Garviel Loken leads the charge

Like several of my projects, this one was also inspired by reading the Horus Heresy novels. I always liked the Luna wolves and so ulimately chose to model them, as they were near the end of the Ullanor campaign. Model-wise I wanted to represent the legion as seen on the cover of False Gods as closely as possible. To this end, I modelled the majority of my marines with MKVII legs/arms/shoulder pads and the cabled marine torso. To make them look a bit different from standard marines, I added the older 2nd edition backpacks to them and also drilled some holes in shoulder pads (to match the pattern seen on the false gods cover) to add small ball bearings into, giving the appearance of studs. For the helmet I sculpted a master mold from a maxmini head and cast it and made a load of GS helmets.

The rest of the army is made up of older Mks of armour from forgeworld, as are all the bolters/special weapons/Power fists. Terminators and assault marines weer made with older pads/jetpacks from maxmini (prior to the FW heresy patterns coming out), and various part were custom made or cast from greenstuff. (the helm crests)  The rhinos some older 2nd edition ones (can't afford deimos patterns) and some older vindicator/predator models were used. One other addition I made when it was released was the awesome Contemptor Dreadnought from FW, armed with a Kheres assault cannon and DCCW.

So, I picked a commander, who was hands down Garviel Loken. Originally, I modelled him from a black reach captain model, although when the abaddon/loken set came out I decided to make this a centurion and will one day get the fw model instead. The basing theme for the whole army is a ruined cityscape (resin bases) and I plan to spray them all white prior to washing with black and following the colour scheme on the False Gods cover.

Now that the first Horus Heresy rulebook and a load of models have been released I find myself being drawn back to this project, which is one of only two armies (BTs being the other) which are sitting mostly unassembled in boxes. I haven't the time (and certainly not money) to replace all the rhinos/marines with the newer FW versions, so for now I think everything will just remain as it is. The caterphractii terminators are just too expensive and so will also remain out of the loop. As it stands this is one of the few unassembled armies I have and so at some point I want to give it some much overdue attention. I need to get Loken and a few heavy weapons to complete it based on the list I drew up and so when that happens the army should come together nicely. 

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