Sons of Ferrus Mannus (Iron Hands)

Iron hands were the last codex army I started, and will certainly be the last. Several Ideas were floating around my head with this army. Firstly, I wanted it to be a mechanised assault army, and by that I mean lots of tanks. Normally I try to restrict the amount of tanks in an army, mainly for cost reasons. However, I had just bought a big lot off ebay (which I incidentally broke even on when I resold the half of it I didn't need) and had lots of well put together and unpainted rhinos. Secondly, I wanted to fill any voids I had with the special characters in the army, so anything which I didn't have represented elsewhere. Thirdly, I wanted a lot of bionics!

The army has grown into probably my most impressive and is almost completely painted save for the odd techmarine. It has won best painted at two seperate competitions and best painted special character for the chapter master on bike. I have a few other units I would like to add just to fill the last few gaps in the army. A stormtalon would grant some much needed air support and I would love to build a bike command squad using the legion outrider kit. Plus no Iron Hands army would be quite complete without the gorgeous Iron Father model, even if it only counts as a techmarine. Here's the list:

Chapter Master on bike
Captain in Terminator armour
MoTF on bike with conversion beamer
MoTF with conversion beamer
Librarian in Terminator armou
5Honour Guard
Techmarine on bike
Techmarine with servo harness
5 assault terminators, 3 with TH/SS
Venerable dreadnought
Venerable dreadnought
Contemptor dreadnought
Techmarine on bike
5-man bike squad with multimelta attack bike
10 tactical marines + rhino
10 tactical marines + rhino
10 tactical marines
Land raider