Sons of Guilleman (Ultramarines)

So at first I was a bit reluctant to go down the avenue of a smurf collection. Maybe this was just because I'm still bitter they stole the poster-boy position from the BAs all those years ago, or perhaps due to all the hating people give them on forums. Or maybe it was because compared to other chapters, codex or not, the UMs can seem a bit bland in comparison. Perhaps I didn't want to collect the most popular army. Whatever the reason, I eventually came round to the idea of getting me some cheap smurfs in the form of some black reach models from ebay.

From the start I decided if I were to go for it with the UMs, I'd have to go with second company and captain sicarius. In addition, I wanted a sternguard unit to represent the tyranid hunters, the UMs only real unique unit. In order to represent the codex organisation, I wanted to have a little mix of everything in the army, wihle still sticking to my 2-2.5K points limit per army. Here's what I came up with:

Librarian + terminator armour
Command squad + razorback
10 Tactical + rhino
10 Tactical + rhino
5 scouts
6 assault
6 devastators + 3 MLs
5 terminators
10 sternguard rhino (also usable as predator)
dreadnought + drop pod
Land speeder

Have used them a couple of times now and am happy with how they perform. The command squad and sternguard have extensive conversion work done to them and so are a pleasure to use. I initially had the devastator/assault squads at full strength (as with my imperial fists) but was never using more than 6 and so, despite usually being a stickler for 10-man squads, decided to donate the other models to fledgling armies.