Sons of Dorn - the resiliant (Crimson Fists)

My original concept for the Fists was that they were in a point after the Chapters decimation on Rynn's world, when the Chapter was rich with Veterans and new recruits, but light on vehicles and troops after the heavy casualties and loss of their fortress monastery. Initially, this was to be an all drop army, with thunderfires/devastators in heavy support, land speeders and storms in fast attack, scouts/tacticals in troops (duh), a dreadnought, sternguard and terminators in elites and pedro with his honour guard in the HQ slot. After a couple of games, it became apparant to me that while great fluffwise and divergent from other armies I had, the drop army wasn't really a very practical way of playing. My army mostly ended up being picked off piecemeal and I couldn't adapt to the lack of mobility the troops had.

So, I dropped a few of the pods from the army and started with some units already deployed. A bit more success here, but having still not used the honour guard due to fear of their lack of decent transport, and not digging the idea of the DP assault still, I decided on a more radical overhaul; the thunderfires and storms were donated to the Raven Guard and the devastators to the Blood Ravens. With the release of the new SM codex and the stormwing formation I have been able to solve both the AA, anti-tank and speed / deployment elements that were hindering the army performance.

This I believe has brought balance to the list while still keeping it unique. (it's the only army I have to feature HG and more than one flyer for example) In practice, the drop pods tend to have to make do for a few turns until support arrives and, usually on turn 3, pedro and his honour guard / dreadnought join the fray. It can be a bit hit and miss and tends to either work very well or very poorly still. regardless, I find it a fun and fluffy army to use and intend to stick with it. It is a strong contender for the next blog wars army I use (BW8) with perhaps a second unit of sternguard in the form of deathwatch marines. 

Pedro Kantor
Captain Cortez
10 honour guard
10 sternguard + drop pod
5 terminators with cyclone / CF
10 tactical + drop pod
10 tactical + drop pod
5 scouts
5 scouts
Land speeder