Sons of Vulkan (Salamanders)

The Salamanders were the first codex chapter I made. From the start, I decided that it had to be a fluff-based list, which meant including Vulkan to maximise on both the gameplay/feel of the Salamanders and also to include a nice-looking HQ. Originally the list had a devastator squad, attack bikes and 10 TH/SS terminators, though I rarely fielded any of them (or full strength in the case of the terminators) and so they were reassigned to the Blood ravens, Whitescars and Iron hands respectively.

The list makes maximum use of Vulkans rules. So for example, the tactical squads all field multi-meltas (it's rare I use long-range weaponry in mech list tactical squads anyway) and either flamers/meltas. The dreadnought usually wields a MM and underslung HF, the ironclad 2 HFs, the command squad/Captain wield melta/flamer weaponry when used and of course the terminators pack the TH/SS combo. I find the Sallies quite unique from my other SM armies, as where there is always an element of mechanised assault (i.e. rhinos speeding up then disembarking rapid fire tac squads) in my armies, most of them at least have a long-ranged fire element to compensate for this. The Salamanders (now the dev squad is gone) however, do not. Thus my opponent has one or two turns of shooting before the close ranged death descends upon him. It makes for a fairly intense game; there is an element of the ticking time bomb rather than outright strategy i.e. should you not cripple at least 2 of my rhinos then you're in big trouble come turn 2/3. Anyway, here's the list:

Command squad + razorback
Tactical x10 + rhino
Tactical x10 + rhino
Tactical x10 + rhino
Ironclad dreadnought + DP
Assault terminators x5
Land raider redeemer
Vanguard veterans (+RB,TH,PW, JPs)

One of my favourite and most painted (thanks army painter) armies, with nice resin lava bases and a few conversions. May sneak an attack bike back in there one day as I sometimes find myself with a spare 50 points and that fast, TLMM comes in handy as a wildcard. Pics soon.