Sons of the Unknown (Blood Ravens)

The Blood Ravens idea grew out of playing Dawn of War 2, which introduces us to several characters and some beautiful armour and weapon variants which are a converters dream. I therefore looked at assembling a 2000pt army as cheap as possible that would stick within the confines of units available in the two dawn of war games, while also allowing me to field characters and keep in line with the Blood Ravens fluff. 
Angelos was converted to wield a relic blade (as in DoW1, prior to receiving his thunder hammer) mainly because I don't like thunder hammers on captains as it wastes the high initiative. Orion was made from the FW librarian model as I used the honour guard for the crimson fists. I converted all of the named squad leaders to represent their in game counterparts, the exception being avitus who, for game purposes, doesn't wield a heavy weapon. Using the amazing GD ultramarine scouts as inspiration, I converted some of the sniper scouts also. Davian thule was simply the older FW Mk4 vendread model (Thanks to my Wife for the birthday pressie) I assembled the following list:

Captain (Gabriel Angelos)
Tigurius (Jonah Orion)
Tactical squad + rhino (Tarkus)
Tactical squad + rhino
Scout sniper squad (Cyrus)
Terminator squad
Venerable dreadnought + DP (Davian Thule)
Vanguard squad (Thaddeus)
Land Speeder
Devastator squad (Avitus)
Land raider

The army is now complete, assembled and undercoated, save for the Predator and Drop pod which still need assembling and spraying. Here's some WIP pics: