Sons of Orar (....)

A new venture for me, this one has a rather quirky route to it. A while back I wrote/outlined a 3 part fanfiction chronicling the life of an Astartes of the Sons of Orar Chapter. I wrote about 1/3 of the first volume and outlined the rest but never got around to refining or finishing it. At that time I decided to paint a test piece for the Sons of Orar, the idea being if I ever wanted to one day make another Space Marine army that these chaps would have first pick and I would base the army around the characters in the book.

With the advent of Primaris marines I had broadly 2 choices: incorporate units into existing armies or create a new solely Primaris army. I have after much deliberation opted for the latter. This, however, has meant two things. Firstly, it is incompatible with the story and characters from my fanfiction. Secondly, my test piece (who I was pretty proud of) is invalid within the confines of a purely Primaris army. The army is now fully assembled and base-coated as can be seen.

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