Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Novamarine test shot and more hobby photos

Hi chaps,

This is a test model for my Novamarine contingent of the Heroes of Badab project which I'm hoping to get on top of over the next 6 months. He just needs a little more work to be finished. As a recap it is a project with one unit from each of the loyalist factions from the Badab war in. I have about half the models needing varying degrees of work and unified bases and am hoping to get them all purchased and finished by next Summer - work and release dependent of course.

And of course some more photos of past projects to add to the site as I start to update things:


  1. Can't wait for the Carcharodons. Badab is already off to a good start with that heroically posed Tartaros Novamarine. The entire line-up should look amazing.

  2. That Novamarine is great, one of your best looking minis so far. Are you planning to do more? Cause a whole force of Novas would look fantastic imho.

  3. Thanks chaps. The line up is something like this:
    Red Scorpions captain, command squad and Razorback
    Novamarines terminators
    Salamanders Dreadnought plus drop pod
    Carcharadons vanguard veterans
    Exorcists scouts
    Raptors sniper scouts
    Minotaurs tac squad plus Rhino
    Howling griffons tac squad plus Rhino
    Marines errant stormtalon
    Sons of medusa land speeder javelin
    Fire angels Vindicator
    Firehawks predator with chronus