Thursday, 4 May 2017

Space Wolves full army showcase

Greetings folks. I actually got these chaps to this stage some time back but for whatever reason haven't got around to putting them up til now. This is my complete Harold Deathwolf Great Company strike force which has seen a labour of love to get to the stage it's now at. Left to right it consists of 2 Wulfen packs, 2 Thunderwolf packs, Logan, Harald, Canis, Iron Priest on wolf, 3 Lone wolves/Battle leaders, 10 Fenwolves (+2 cyberwolves), 3 Wolf Priests (including Ulrik), a land raider crusader, Stormwolf, 5 terminators (2 to be used as Arjac/Wolflord) 5 wolf guard, 3 Rune Priests (1 is Njal, 1 is a proxy), 15 Blood claws plus Lukas, 2x 10 grey hunters in rhinos, 3 dreadnoughts (can be assembled in various combos to include bjorn and murderfang) 6 long fangs, 5 skyclaws (plus a JP wolf guard) 5 wolf scouts and a footslogging Iron Priest (totally forgot to add the drop pod into the pic). Phew. That's the run down, now for some up close pics:

Thunderwolves, Logan and Iron Priest

More Thunderwolves led by Harald and Canis. Note some of the Thunderwolves are 3rd party as I got them well before GW released any.


Classic Wulfen converted with modern weaponry

2 grey hunter packs

Skyclaws and rhinos

Blood claws led by Lukas

Long fangs (with new dev legs) and wolf scouts

Stormwolf and land raider crusader

Geigor, Dren and 'not ragnar' - designed to be used as battle leaders, wolf lords or lone wolves

Rune Priests. I use Krom as a proxy as he looks the part.

3 dreadnoughts and Iron priest

3 Wolf guard terminators plus Arjac and a Wolf lord. The latter two can serve different roles and the last member of the set joined the deathwatch.

Limited wolf priest with old Ulrik and new Ulrik

And that's all of them. Love the army especially now they are on 32mm bases. Plans are obviously to paint them properly one day and to use the new GW texture snow to add to the bases. For now though they are complete and table worthy and I have no intention to add anything to them unless they get any new fun toys in the future. Cheers.


  1. Best you get painting pronto and finish them now for a true showcase! :)

    1. A fair point good sir, though at my current rate I'd be lucky to have them painted by this time next decade. But you're right, showcase is perhaps the wrong word to use for an assembly/basecoat photo shoot.