Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Raven guard army showcase.

Hi folks.

So this one kind of slipped through the net. I was just going over which armies I needed to do a showcase for still (I make it 5 now - coming up soon) and raven guard stumped me a bit. I recalled taking the photos for them and posting them but couldn’t find the showcase anywhere. Turns out I posted them to the end of year round up but never actually gave them their own spotlight. So, without further ado, here it is.

My raven guard army was conceptualised as an almost pure infantry army that was jump pack heavy. As a result you can see that in addition to the demi-company it also has an extra assault squad and a fair few veterans. No Primaris reiver/aggressor spam for me, and aside from the devastators there are only a few units designed to operate at range, such as the storm eagle, rapiers and dreadnought. There are also a chunk of scouts which fit the fluff nicely and help to tip the army over the 100 model mark. This army also has Corax in it, although he has only graced the battlefield once in 7th when he took out Horus! Great army yet to make its debut in 8th edition. Cheers.

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