Sunday, 29 July 2018

Black Templars army showcase

Greetings folks.

Hot on the heels of the Raven guard showcase is the Black Templars showcase. By my count that leaves Blood Angels, Ultramarines and Deathwatch to go! Blood Angels will need to be split across 2 posts I suspect, Ultramarines are missing a couple of the Japanese exclusives that I haven;t managed to get ahold of yet and the Deathwatch I was hanging on to see if I would expand them with Primaris - I intend to ultimately but won't be for a while now so I may as well post them sooner than later. 

On to the showcase. This is a really nice themed army replete with characters and units fluffy to the Templars as both crusaders and sons of Dorn. It is principally an infantry army with a few supporting vehicles and a Stormraven to aid their mobility. There are conversions aplenty in there from the monk-hair scouts to the robed and GK-helmed terminators. I tried to make the most out of the BT upgrades and generic cloths/seals to ensure all marines have plenty on them. The captions below will expand upon the units. 

Full army shot

From above, note the 2 rhinos, razorback, drop pod and Stormraven.

4 Crusader squads - 2 melee with neophytes and 2 ranged.

Castellan Draco (lt), Helbrecht, Grimaldus and an Imperial space marine, with a bike squad and Techmarine on bike 

Emperors champion and Chapter Ancient, with a speeder and dreadnought, and of course a land raider crusader.

Converted terminators and converted centurions

Apothecary, Marshall, Company Champion and Chaplain

Company vets and vanguard


  1. Better get painting mate, that’s a whole lot of Crusaders wanting to go Crusade!

    1. They’re going out for a spin this week and I’m utterly ashamed at the lack of paint job. Been spending my time lately airbrushing orange candy lacquer onto ryza admech. Looks awesome but ain’t helping with the marine backlog.