Sunday, 1 July 2018

Moving on to new projects and club scenery purge

Hi folks,

Been a while as I've mostly bee working on non-marine projects a few months now, aside for a bit of tinkering with my Dark Angels. Looks like Knights and my 'tale of gamers' pledge to gradually build up a thousand sons army will take priority for a while. But, I still need to put out a few showcases for armies that I haven't got around to doing yet. Blood angels certainly spring to mind. 

Anyway, one thing that has been taking up a lot of time lately is the gaming club scenery. I've been at the club for a year and a half now which has been great. Generally we fill 4 tables every Thursday night and store our scenery at the venue. This is a great set up, but what was apparant to me is although we had a decent amount of scenery, much of it was in need of repair / painting. I therefore pledge to tackle this to make games more enjoyable for everyone.

First things first, we needed cash. After a bit of a whip-round and sales of a few not-wanted items, we came up with a budget. Next, we needed a decent storage solution, as making all the repairs only to store things back in the same damaged and open-topped boxes was a waste of effort. Six 110L boxes later we had our storage solution. I then set upon the scenery, taking all of it home and sorting through it (luckily the wife was away for a few weeks). Also, I reinforced one of our sets of boards and added an old citadel mat to it to make it more attractive.

By using a lot of glue/sand and some hardboard/placemats, I was able to put together 25+ pieces of scenery, most of which are pictured below. We still have a bit more scenery that was donated and that we have bought with spare funds since then. One issue it that it still needs painting. I have a bit of the budget left to address this with later in the year. Also, we would like to make some LOS blocking rocks out of insulation board, which we also hope to have donated and work on later this year. 


Ultimately it's bee hard work but very rewarding to see people down the club enjoying it. It will,  however, be nice to have a break from it to enjoy my own hobbying for a while. Cheers.

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