Sunday, 13 May 2018

Heroes of Badab army showcase

Who are the heroes of badab I hear you ask. Simply put, they are a themed army I created to represent each of the space marine armies of the badab war on the same battlefield. This army has gone through a few changes in the previous edition, most markedly changing from 5 raptors and 5 exorcists as scouts to 10 raptor scouts and 10 exorcist tacticals in a pod. 8th edition has seen changes by rounding up the star phantoms to a 10 man squad, the red scorpions company veterans to 5 man and giving each army save for the salamanders a character. I run them as ultramarines. Here is the organisation of the army - please note some models are still in different base colours before I restructured them. 

Fire angels - predator and counts as chronus due to preference for armoured warfare. 
Fire hawks - vindicator as preference for then plus a mk3 captain as use a lot of mk3. 
Sons of Medusa - relic javelin and techmarine as iron hands successors. 
Salamanders - contemptor dreadnought. 
Marines errant - fleet based hence stormtalon and a lieutenant. 
Novamarines - Tartaros terminators as stocks ancient patterns plus a catephractii captain to count as blaylock. 
Star phantoms - devastator squads as they prefer with plasma. Imperial space marine. 
Carcharadons - vanguard veterans led by tyberos 
Raptors - 2 squads of scouts with a counts-as telion
Red scorpions - company veterans and razorback with ancient, apothecary, champion and culln. 
Howling griffons - tactical squad in rhino led by jump chaplain. 
Minotaurs - tactical squad in rhino with enkomi and moloc. 
Exorcists - tactical squad in drop pod led by terminator librarian. 

And that’s it. Army finished. Any last minute additions? I was considering a salamanders hq which would leave either the named captain or ash mantle as options. Other than that there is nil to add. Obviously all the bases are finished nicely but the models themselves have a fair way to go. I’d like to try some custom decals on them when the time comes. Cheers.

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