Friday, 20 April 2018

Dark Angels army showcase

Dark angels. The first legion. The unforgiven. 

This army has been a pleasure to craft over the years and started as little more than a 2k doublewing army. The advent of dark imperium and the newer dark angels books brought he temptation of expansion after expansion. Ultimately, it has grown into my 2nd largest army after the blood angels. The theme is triplewing with grass and forestry bases. 

The deathwing comprise 27 terminators, 5 deathwing knights, a land raider crusader, venerable dreadnought and a host of characters. These are: Belial, a terminator librarian, chaplain, ancient, apothecary and champion. 

Ravenwing have several conversions in there, mainly characters. There’s sammael, a bike librarian, chaplain, champion, apothecary, ancient and techmarine. 2 squads of bikes each with an attack bike make up the core of the force. There are 8 black knights (who are amazing) and a pair of land speeders, one of which can be swapped out to a huntmaster or sammael in sableclaw. Lastly, a land speeder vengeance / darkshroud and dark talon / nephilim finish off the force. 

Finally, greenwing consist of a demi-company (30 tacticals, 10 assault and 10 devastator) as the core, as well as 10 scouts. Infantry characters include a converted azrael, 2 masters, 2 lieutenants, apothecary, imperial space marine, company and chapter ancient, champion, 2 interrogator chaplains, a librarian, a techmarine and the names characters asmodai and Ezekiel. In terms of armour there’s a land raider and 3 converted tanks which can be fielded as a predator / vindicator / whirlwind or rhino / razorback, plus a drop pod and standard dreadnought. A more recent addition was a bargain stormraven which, while green, is still painted as a salamander vehicle. Finally, there are a host of veterans who I intend to donate mostly to a fallen army project as they are much more restricted in dark angel armies now. 


So that’s it, an unintentionally huge army that I’ve had a lot of fun playing with lately. I want to thin out the veterans to get the numbers down and form a fallen army led by cypher. In terms of additions, i would love to add another dark talon to be able to field an air wing. A wishlist item is the Forgeworld relic plasma predator just because it fits the army. Lastly, I have parts to make some custom objective markers at some point. Cheers. 

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