Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Iron Hands army showcase

It’s a great pleasure to showcase this army as at one point it was my most completely painted. Now it has expanded and been rebased but is still impressive from a distance. Ill briefly go over the theme and then explore the units. Iron hands are supposed to be very much in touch with machines, thus I knew it would have to be a heavily mechanised army. The basing I also wanted to be machine-related and so I went for an industrial theme. 

The characters are mostly converted and are slightly less numerous than before as I donated a couple of techmarines to other chapters. Captain-wise there is a converted bike captain/cyborg and a converted catephractii captain. There are 3 characters wielding a hammer/sword/combiplasma that can be used as champions/captains/lieutenants as needed. I addition, we have a converted terminator librarian, apothecary, chaplain, standard bearer and imperial space marine. Lastly, 2 foot techmarines and a techmarine on trike. 2 of these have conversion beamers. 

Moving on to the infantry now. 3 full tactical squads make up the bulk of the army, though we also have a devastator squad and 10 scouts, plus 5 foot vanguard and 2 honour guard (previously all honour guard). Terminators come in the form of 5 catephractii and 5 assault terminators. There are 10 mk3 sternguard present also. Lastly, both a 5 man bike command squad (fw) and 5 man bike squad plus attack bike (quad) aid mobility. 

On to vehicles now. There are 3 rhinos and a drop pod (not pictured) to give the army some mobility. Further transport comes in the form of a godhammer land raider, converted to have tracks all around. There are 4 tanks, 3 of which are new rhino chassis converted with older weapons of a vindicator, whirlwind and predator respectively (the 4th being a hunter). Air support comes in the form of a stormhawk. Lastly, what iron hands army would be complete without dreadnoughts? Here we have 3 - 2 venerable and 1 contemptor. 

And with that the army is complete. They were an absolute pleasure to build and convert, my only regret being that some of the later additions from the prospero set lack the bionics of my earlier conversions. Half the army is fully painted with the other half needing attention at some point. I would love a ferris mannus to lead them (in spirit if not on the tabletop) and would definitely consider adding a super heavy such as a Cerberus if the chance arose. Cheers. 

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