Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Whitescar complete - showcase

It’s not deja vu. I have previously posted a whitescars showcase but there have been a couple of changes since which I thought warranted an update. Namely, a few additions to the company veterans and a lieutenant. Without repeating myself too much I’ll give a brief overview. 

with the bike squads or individually. 5 scout and 5 company veteran bikers make up the last of the mounted contingent. There are 5 more mobile infantry in the form of jump pack vanguard. Both they and the company veterans use 30k conversion parts. I didn’t include anything like dreadnoughts, drop pods, devastators or terminators as I didn’t feel they reflected the background of the whitescars. 

Next we come on to the last few elements. 2 10 man tactical squads and 5 scouts make up the troop contingent. A pair of rhinos transport the tactical infantry. Air support comes in the form of a stormtalon and both a land speeder and land speeder storm. Ranged firepower is provided by a predator and its big brother, a sicaran. Lastly, a random trio of tarantulas are included for a bit more ranged firepower - I see them as being the trap the whitescars herd their prey towards. 

Well that’s it for the scars. I love the look and few of the army and, since rebasing them all, have decided to sway from the aquarium plants instead preferring the bracken and vine scenery sets from gw. I’m in the middle of painting these now. No future plans as such but the one thing I thought would fit nicely with the army would be a land raider proteus for a bit more heavy support.  Cheers. 

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