Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Sons of Orar Showcase

Dear all,

I'm trying to get my act together with the blog and so here is the latest marine army showcase. It's worth noting that I expect by June latest to have a full army showcase posted for every Marine army which signifies a turning point in my hobby. It will mark a departure from collecting and putting together themed Space Marine armies and instead focusing on assembling other armies, most notably of the Chaos variety, which will in turn shift more focus to my other blog. However, this will mean that I will be able to focus more on actually painting my marine armies to a higher standard and blogging about that on here instead. I estimate that now all my marine armies are assembled and basecoated (aside from the half dozen still on my desk) that only around 10% of that is painted to my highest standard. Anyway, onto the Sons of Orar.

This army was my latest marine venture. As you can see, it is an army purely comprising Primaris Marines. I thought to go down the avenue of incorporating Primaris into each of my other armies but ultimately decided I preferred to keep them unique. Sons of Orar were chosen for several reasons - firstly as I had written some fan fiction about them a while ago, secondly I liked the paint scheme and lastly I wanted to make the army an Ultramarine successor. 

The theme is fairly straghtforward as they are simply made up of every Primaris release to date. Save that is for the ETB Redemptor (may make an appearance one day) and that fugly super heavy (will never make an appearance). Overall very pleased with them and will try to persist with making them a decent force on the tabletop (minimal success so far) - no doubt more Primaris units will come later to help with this. Cheers.  


  1. Every marine army? Christ I thought I was a masochist for approaching almost all the ork tribes...

    1. Ha ha Ginge, no such thing as masochism in this hobby, just more plastic crack! Which Ork army is next? I remember the looted knight and the xmas orks.

  2. Thanks for the showcase, I thought I hadn't seen one yet. I saw your progress when you batch painted these, but they will do as a tabletop standard army 3-colour minimum nicely, just take your time and add to these when the Hobby Butterfly flutters back in their direction!