Sunday, 25 March 2018

Finally some hobby updates.

The heroes of Badab laid out in their glory

Greetings all. An update at last! I have finally almost wrapped up my Astartes projects and am progressing to other things, namely xenos, imperial guard and a few others. I have hardly ever dabbled with assembling anything chaos related and so the time I reach halfway through this year I want to turn my attention to them. This leaves all things not chaos and not astartes to focus on in the meantime. The main aims are as follows:

1.   Finish assembling and priming any tau
2.   Finish assembling and priming any genecults
3.   Finish assembling and priming any necrons
4.   Finish assembling and priming and mechanicus 
5.   Start an imperial guard army. 
6.   Re-base dark eldar to fit with harlequins and craft world. 
7.   Sort out imperial agents. 
8.   Assemble a few craft world eldar tanks. 

My box'o'Primaris in the for of the now complete Sons of Orar.

This looks like an extensive list to deal with in a 3 month period, but actually isn’t as bad as it looks at first. Reason being as follows:
  1. Done 
  2. Done
  3. Only a few scarab bases and new cryptek to do
  4. Army half assembled
  5. Large project - barely started. 
  6. Shouldn’t take more than a day
  7. Shouldn’t take more than a day
  8. Shouldn’t take more than a day 
Complete Tau army, which will get its own blog entry on my other blog shortly.

I generally class the extensive range of armies I collect into 3 categories based on their codex:

  1. Multiple whole factions from a single codex ie space marines, chaos marines
  2. Multiple smaller factions from a single codex designed in practice to be used together ie eldar, guard. 
  3. Single army from a single codex designed to be used independently ie tau, blood angels, necrons. 

In the first category my space marine armies are all pretty much done and the plan is to move onto chaos daemons and marines over the course of the next few years. Category 2 is probably where I will gradually expand over time, adding in say a small tallarn task force or adding a Saimm-Hann contingent to my alaitoc. The third category contains mostly complete armies with the exception of my tyranids, which I also want to gradually expand. 

A few Custodes and Mordians. The Custodes are now complete.

That pretty much outlines where I am with things now. After a decent push with the Custodes, tau and genecults recently I’m going to turn my attention to mechanicus, necrons and dark eldar alongside boxed set and codex releases. The main project then is imperial guard before my soul turns to chaos. The next few post on here will show my tau sept army and genecult insurrection. cheers  

Genecult army based and complete.


  1. Loads on the go like me! Hobby Butterfly Syndrome Ha Ha. Did you post a showcase of the Sons of Orar? Missed that.

    1. Hi Siph, yeah, still butterflying along. Trying to reign it in a bit this year though. Getting the last of the backlog done then hopefully will be able to just buy as I go in future.

      No sons of orar need their own showcase soon, as do several others. Only few stragglers I have on the hobby desk are a handful of smurfs and scars. It just a case of getting them out of boxes and taking some photos really. I’m gonna try and do a couple this week for both blogs. Cheers.

    2. Ha, just seen Showcase pop up, cheers!