Saturday, 31 March 2018

Imperial fists showcase

Imperial fists join the fray! My latest showcase is a bit of a shambles as they’ve all been basecoated in different ways at different times using different sprays. Nonetheless, now it is finished in terms of basecoating and assembly. 

The theme of this army is simple. Overwhelming firepower built around a semi company of marines. In terms of line troops we have a couple of scouts squads In support and an additional devastator squad. In addition, there are 2 squads of centurions as few other units epitomise imperial fists than these chaps. 1st company support comes in the form of a sternguard squad in mkiii and both a terminator and terminator assault squad. 

Moving onto vehicles,I think few would argue that any aircraft other than a fire raptor should be used to represent overwhelming firepower. For dreadnoughts, we have a standard shooty variety and a pair of ironclads. Transport wise (drop pod not pictured) we have a trio of rhino/razorbacks and a trio of vindicators. Lastly, I rebuilt my custom 2b land raider into an Achilles that can be swapped out to a godhammer. 

Finally characters. Lysander naturally leads them with support from a captain (Pollux), lieutenant, chaplain, librarian, champion, ancient, conversion Beamer techmarine, imperial space marine and apothecary. I’m particularly proud of Lysander who is my only venture into nmm painting to date. 

And there we have it. This fists are high up on the list to take to the field of battle soon. Lots of heavy support choices supported by troops would be the order of the day. Cheers. 

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