Sunday, 29 October 2017

Grey knights army assembled and basecoated

As my marine projects all finally come to their final conclusion, I wanted to publish a series of article on them explaining my thoughts behind how they are structured, pictures of them and to update their individual pages on the blog. I'm giving myself a time frame of mid next year to do all of this. 

As things stand presently, all of the armies have been updated to 32mm bases and were restructured for 7th ed. with the advent of 8th I am still awaiting releases of the blood angel, dark angel, space wolf and deathwatch books before I make the final amendments. As for codex marines and grey knights, I can make a start on these already and am actually just waiting to place a bits order to make the last few tweaks - mostly adjusting honour guard and command squads to the new structures and separating out the characters. 

Grey knights, however, require none of these amendments as such and thus were pretty much ready to go. I simply added in a Chaplain who was previously part of my black templars army. One day I would like to add another terminator squad so that I can represent a 5 man paladin squad now that characters are separate. Other than that I didn't make any additions or Changes and thus the army stands as follows:

Supreme grand master draigo
Grand master voldus
Brother captain stern 
Grand master
Techmarine with conversion Beamer
Castellen Crowe
Brotherhood champion
10 terminators
3 paladins
10 purifiers
Venerable dreadnought (+fw options)
Rhino/razorback (+fw options)
10 strike squad
10 interceptors / strike squad
Nemesis dreadknight
10 purgation 
Land raider (+fw options)

More than enough to keep the daemons at bay for now! Need to magnetise a few bits and then get down to base coating individual squads over time. For now though most important thing is they’re all assembled, base coated and on bases ready to take to the field. Next update will be on crimson fists. Cheers. 

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