Monday, 4 December 2017

Crimson fists army complete

Yet another army joins the ranks of the completed. The crimson fists are now represented in their entirety and have been for about a month now. I’ve been waiting to get ahold of some oval bases to post the final pics of them, having decided to put all speeders in army’s onto oval bases to fit in better. (At the bottom of the post I’ve also put a couple of white scar speeders on oval bases too)

On to the army theme. My crimson fists are post-Rynn’s world which explains the units present. I didn’t want to use any vehicles that would have been in the chapter Armoury at the time the monastery got nuked and so, for a few years after the disaster at least, kantor and co were operating with lots of elites/specialists and only orbital based vehicles, such as drop pods and flyers. The theme of the basing is a grey, rocky terrain to represent the mountains which they fought in during the campaign. 

For 8th edition I had to make a few adjustments to the line up. An apothecary was added and my 10-man Honour Guard unit was broken up and rearmed, now forming a 2 man unit, 5 vanguard, ancient, lieutenant and chapter champion. The full line up can be seen below:

Chapter master kantor
Captain Cortez
Terminator captain
Imperial space marine
Chapter ancient
Chapter champion
10 tactical
10 tactical
5 scouts
5 scouts
10 sternguard
5 vanguard
5 terminators 
Venerable dreadnought. 
3 drop pods
3 thunder fires with tech marines 
Land speeder
Storm raven
2 stormtalons

With that the army is complete. I toyed with the idea of adding devastators but ultimately decided that tactical marines should be the only rank and file present post-disaster representing those promoted from assault/devastation squads with a smattering of newly recruited scouts thrown in. Half the army is fully painted with 1/4 base colored and the other 1/4 undercoated awaiting basecoating. Cheers. 


  1. When is an army ever complete? I haven’t had one yet! ;)

    1. I’ve gotta start drawing lines under them else I’ll never move onto pastures new. Quite satisfying to know that it’s done and dusted though.

    2. Siph already popped in with my exact question :P

      I have various armies that I assume are complete... but then gw drops a new shiny and I'm like "well that doesn't fit with my deathskulls but would work wonderfully for my bad moons..."