Monday, 18 September 2017

Sons of Orar 3 day hobby-thon - day 2

Hi chaps, gonna be brief as I have a stinking headache and am turning in early. Short version is, I got the repulsor assembled and base sprayed, just needs piecing together. The bases are all ready to be painted properly and I got all the Inceptors and Gravis Captain assembled and converted. (note I needed to use some wire and converted the captain to have a flamestorm just for fun) I put together a host of bodies for the infantry-fest that will come tomorrow also - 14 down 20 to go. Will I finish it all in 3 days? I doubt it. Evening celebrations and headache have set me back today so despite good progress I haven;t managed to get the bases painted which was also on todays targets. Tomorrow will therefore be: paint bases, assemble and convert troops, spray everything up, put on bases. Would be feasible if not for the fact I like to give a quick layer of red by brush before basing them. Still, I anticipate the back of the project will be broken at the very least. Cheers. 

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