Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Sons of Orar 3 day blog-athon - day 3.

The army as it stands after the hobby-fest.

Final day here folks and, as anticipated, I fell short of the mark. Despite good progress on day 2 the level of conversion work and planning that needed to go into the infantry just took too long in the end. By the time I had spent much of the day on it it was clear that short of working into the evening there was no way I would get things finished. So, here's a rundown of what I managed to achieve in the 3 days:

Repulsor assembled and sprayed - 1/1
Inceptors converted and assembled - 6/6
Gravis captain converted and assembled - 1/1
Intercessors (mostly) converted and aseembled - 24/29
Hellblasters (mostly) converted and assembled - 16/20
Bases all assembled and sprayed - 48/48

For these purposes I included the already assembled Intercessors and Hellblasters as I needed to modify some of them and count them amongst the new additions in order to get things organised. This leaves the following to do:

Repulsor - sort base and put together.
Inceptors - spray, basecoat and base.
Gravis captain - spray, basecoat and base.
Intercessors - assemble final 4 models, spray, basecoat and base.
Hellblasters -  assemble final 4 models, spray, basecoat and base.

This looks like a lot to do but actually considering the bases can be fairly rapidly done with batch painting, the final few models are halfway done already and spraying is hardly taxing it's fair to say that the back of the project is broken. It's a shame that when you look at the pictures below it seems that I've hardly made any progress when in fact I've put in about 15 hours over the past few days. It's been good fun though and really nice to see things coming together. I hope that over the next week I can finish off these few tasks and get some pics of the full army up, then grab the last few character models later in the year. Cheers.   

Productive morning = all bodies / heads ready to go

By the end of the day most models are ready...

...save for these 8 stragglers who need finishing.


  1. Still a great a-thon mate. All progress is good progress!

    1. Cheers siph. Yes, between Luna wolves and this it's been a productive hobby month. Want to add lieutenants to the other armies and tie up the odd loose end but will shortly be leaving marines behind me to focus on Xenos / other imperium projects.