Sunday, 17 September 2017

Sons of Orar 3 day hobby-thon - day 1

Hi guys,

Brief version of this is that I have a few days off around my birthday and very little to do for the most part. I wanted to try something I've not done before and blog at the end of each of those 3 days to show progress. One of my biggest hobby failings is that I usually have so many different projects on the go at any time I rarely blog about them as they never quite get to a blog-worthy stage until right at the end.This time will be different though. 

My wife has very kindly provided me with 4 boxes of primaris marines to bring my new Sons of Orar army a step nearer to completion. I've already got about 2k made up from dark Imperium, 13 reavers and a Dreadnought. In addition to the Repulsor, Intercessors, Inceptors and Hellblasters she bought, I've also got a few models from the know no fear and easy to build sets to add. Bottom line is, once all these guys are done I will only be lacking some of the new characters models and veteran sergeant (later this year I hope) to call things complete. 

Today was day one of my hobby-thon, the plan being to have the new half of the army assembled, basecoated and based on finished bases by the end of day 3. This means assembling 42 models (19 Intercessors, 15 Hellblasters, 6 Inceptors, a Gravis Captain and a Repulsor), some conversion work, spraying them up and basing them. To be honest I have no idea how long this is likely to take me and suspect that 3 days is well short of the mark. Still, I intend to give it a damn good shot!

First half of the day was spent with family and friends and so I got off to a late start with the project but pretty much got everything I wanted to do done. Everything is now off sprues and bagged up ready for assembly. I had some bases part-done already from when I completed the first half of the army and so have now added more to that to give me not only all the ones I need for this 3 days but also ultimately when i get the characters I need to finish the army. Tomorrow will be a case of spraying the bases, drybrushing them then applying a wash (day 3 I will apply final drybrush, rim painting and applying tufts). I'll then proceed with assembling approx half the models and start spraying them up. Fingers crossed. 


  1. Happy Birthday, and great, you are a fellow sufferer of HBS (Hobby Butterfly Syndrome) and we need motivation. Next month is Dreadtober so you'll have to get the new Dread too ;)

    1. Already done my friend. 2 games and 2 (not so) glorious deaths clocked already.