Monday, 10 April 2017

And what of Angelos...? Blood ravens chapter master conversions.

Hi chaps. It wasn't that long ago I took the blood ravens to matts fluffageddon tournament which at the time meant getting about half the army painted to a decent tabletop standard. I will be posting in the next couple of weeks with a showcase of the army but in the meantime wanted to share the final price to the puzzle.

My initial theme for blood ravens was an army that not only consisted of units from the dawn of war games, but also characters too. Therefore, when I created a captain to lead the army it was none other than Gabriel Angelos I chose, firstly in his dawn of war 1 incarnation prior to gaining his sword. This was a fairly simple conversion using some green stuff sculpting and a few parts such as a chain sword pommel and a captain sicarius head. I forget where the leg armour came from.

The second incarnation of Angelos was meant to serve as a chapter master and I decided, rather than simply duplicating the look from the first figure with a hammer, to go for a post-retribution look. To this end I used the plastic chaplain head with bionic eye and sculpted the hair on. A few necromunda parts were used for the bionic arms and the hammer haft. The head of the hammer was built from spares and plasticard. I went for a running pose to distinguish from the previous figure.

Now for the icing on the cake. This was one of my most complex conversions right up there with mephiston and eisenhorn. I wanted to complete the triumvirate (seems fashionable these days) by adding the dawn of war 3 Tartaros armoured Angelos into the fold. An excellent base for this was the legion tribune model, which I swapped out the torso with a plastic Tartaros terminator as it suited better. The blade was replaced with a hammerhead modified from a vanguard hammer plus free stuff, plasticard and the banner topper from a second edition backpack cut in half. I also used green stuff to add an Aquila to the chest.

A plastic captain cape was attached to the back with greensruff making for a smooth transition. Green stuff was also used to smooth the legs down and widen /enhance the shoulder pads, which also had a crux and sculpted chapter icon added.  An old metal iron halo (chaplain?) was added to the front of the armour and the head repositioned with some green stuff to scar the face. The small shield was cut off the left Pauldron and replaced by a large wax seal with the scroll cut off. The small shield then had a skull added and was glued to the left forearm. A dire avenger loincloth was added. Finishing touches came in the form of some green stuff chains/ropes and lots of small trinkets added from the bits box.

And this was the final result. Very pleased with how Angelos number 3 turned out and how all 3 models look in general.  This is a great themed army and I hope over the next 2 years to go back and get the other half of the army to the same tabletop standard paying special attention to the character models. Cheers.

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