Monday, 25 May 2015

Heroes of Badab infantry finally based and basecoated

Hi folks,

FINALLY, I have managed to basecoat and base all the infantry in the army. Effectively that means I can have them on the tabletop and actually game with them now. They're by no means finished, however, and the vehicles still need to brought up to the same standard (aiming for this time next month with them) but this is still a significant milestone. The Heroes of Badab project is truly on the way to being fully finished in 2015. As an extra at the bottom there is a pic of some other models just assembled but unrelated to this army: Salamanders tarantula, UM Deredeo and Draigo. Cheers.


  1. Looking good Jimbo! Always fun when you can start playing with your army. Tends to get your excited about fleshing them out!

  2. Cheers Gregg, Excited about these chaps and the upcoming Marine book (of course).