Monday, 13 April 2015

Shameless plug for my other blog - Skitarii and Daemonkin codex reviews and more

Hi folks,

This is a purely self-indulgent post to give some advertisement to my other blog, Codex Imperialis. Where Index Astartes covers all hobby, painting and musings on Imperial Space Marines, Codex Imperialis covers the wealth of other armies out there. As this seems to be ever expanding lately and my hobby work is more focussed on them of late, naturally my blog posts have been more frequent over there. For those who haven't visited there ever or of late please drop by, have a browse and comment if so inclined. I get the feeling that a lot of my attention will be focused there in the coming months. Here are some quick links. Cheers.

Skitarii review part 1
Skitarii review part 2
Khorne Daemonkin review
Harlequin overview
Hobby update - orks
Hobby update - Tyranids

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