Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Fluffageddon tournament - please read

Hello folks. While Alex at From the Fang is old Hat at tournaments (now being on his 9th and most populous to date) our friend Matt has always been more of a tournament attendee (and occasional winner) than host himself. That is of course until now. While those who have faced his filthy Grey Knight, Eldar and Necron lists would hardly think of him as a fluff player, the self-confessed most miserable man in 40k (as 40k radio will confirm) has decided to turn his hand to hosting an event that is, ironically, all about the fluff and balance in 40k. Joking aside, I will hand over to him to explain more far more eloquently than I could.

Hi Everyone, it’s Matt here. I’ve never posted on here before, but Jamie has kindly let me advertise my first 40k tournament:


Fluffageddon is my first 40k tournament that I will be running on Saturday the 5th of September at the Northwest gaming centre in stockport (same venue as blog wars if you know of that).

As the name suggests the tournament is partly about the fluff (background of 40k and its armies and representing that on the table), but its more about creating an event where everyone can come and hopefully have some enjoyable games of 40k with different people, well I suppose it’s also about winning since it is a tournament….

Anyway what makes this different?

Read the tournament pack to find out

But basically its 3 different games of 40k in a competitive setting with certain restrictions to army lists and some slight modifications to rules.

The army limitations are intended to prevent the typical competitive lists from being present and instead should encourage people to think outside the box a bit and bring something a bit different and a bit more varied (maybe even a bit fluffy!)

There are loads of prizes on offer, some for coming top and some for coming top of the fluffy lists (seriously read the tournament pack). But also some mystery prizes that certain players will receive for round specific goals, revealed on the day.

I really hope people will give it a go and if it is a success I would like to make it a regular event that of course will get tweaked based on feedback I receive from people who have attended.

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