Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Heroes of Badab hobby update

Well, here's a moment I was never quite sure would be reached. The Heroes of Badab are assembled in their entirety. I added in the missing Stormtalon/tank crew and have painstakingly painted up half the bases in anticipation of basecoating every member of the army to stand upon a finished base. I'm extremely proud of both the concept and execution of this army and am hoping to get the other half of the bases done and everyone basecoated in the next few weeks. I  have high hopes that now I'm on the final stretch with it that it will be finished completely by the end of this year, pending a short break to pursue other things. 

The Marines errant contingent

Last batch of bases underway

The infantry all awaiting bases

Although some already have them sorted

Minotaurs gunner

Fire Angels spotter

Red Scorpions crew

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