Thursday, 11 September 2014

Space Wolves army assembled and basecoated

Hi folks,

So the wolves have got an update and accordingly I've been trying to update my army over the past month to reflect this. When I first put the army together (5th edition) it was effectively a couple of Grey Hunter squads in Rhinos, a landraider full of blood claws and 3-4 smaller squads. Since then I've added some thunderwolves and fenrisian wolves as I opted to go for Harald Deathwolfs great company. With the recent release I added in a couple more thunderwolves and characters, Logan, a Stormwolf/fang and a couple of dreadnoughts.

full army shot

wulfen and wolf guard in the foreground. note the converted Iron priest on thunderwolf

grey hunters and their rides

characters, including converted ragnar, ltd wolf priest and Krom

long fangs and dreadnoughts

Terminators and more wolves

blood claws and slightly converted land raider

examples of some finished models.

So that's it. Thanks to a spraycan of 'the fang' they're now all basecoated too. They're complete at around 4500 points and so nothing left but to gradually wade through painting them. I'm hoping to add a nice scenic base to the flyer sometime before Xmas too. Cheers.


  1. You made any progress on these guys? As a fellow Son of Russ, always love seeing these guys on the table!

  2. Hi blue,

    Sadly there has been no further progress on these chaps save for Krom and the wolf priest which are k ow halfway finished. My aim with the chaps was to get them to this stage of completion (finished army for all intents and purposes model wise) as with the rate of releases I thought I would be dragged off onto another project before long. Think of it as hobby triage - get one army to a semi decent state then move on to the next with the aim of coming back to it again later. Main thing is that I can use them in friendly games and if I decide one day to have a month painting wolves then I literally have to pluck them from the box and start painting. Cheers.