Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Deathwatch squad complete

Hi folks,

It dawned on me a few weeks back that blog wars 8 was less than 2 months away and that I had done very little towards it. Despite my love for my Iron Hands army I had promised myself I wouldn't be taking them this time around for several reasons. Firstly I'd like a change of scene and playstyle; secondly It would give me the incentive to paint up an army that would otherwise be sitting half finished in a cupboard somewhere. After much deliberation I narrowed it down to either Blood Ravens or Crimson Fists, with the fists ultimately winning the toss. However, to keep things interesting I built the list with a twist - a sternguard squad made from deathwatch marines and an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor would also be joining in the fun.

I made these chaps a long time ago and have made a few minor modifications to them since then. In fact, it was that long ago that the Space wolf is made up from older space wolf parts and the blood Angel only had the sword and head added later and thus sports regular marine armour and backpack. The theme was simple: one marine for every first founding chapter and Black Templars thrown in to make up the 10 (probably my favourite TBH). There are still a few missing elements in that their drop pod needs finishing and I have a couple of ICs (Blood Ravens Librarian and Crimson Fists Captain) also to paint up. Plus if this damn rain ever stops they need a coat of varnish. Between them and a few other models I've got off to  decent start with the Blog Wars army and although it will be quite the feat I'm hopeful I can get them done over the next month if I focus my hobby time into them exclusively. Updates to follow. Cheers. 


  1. Looks good jimbo! You really gotta get some diffuse lighting on these fellas though. The light is killing a lot of your work here! I want to see the gorgeous models!

  2. Hey Greg.
    Thanks as always for the post. Yeap, I'm now at the stage where I'm getting p****d off with poor quality photos and so have decided to invest in some proper lighting for the light tent. Only problem is I don't really have a clue about anything photographic. The camera is a bog-standard panasonic lumix which seems to be OK for most things. Does anyone have any tips on which type of lighting / bulbs would be good to improve the artificial lighting in the light tent? I gather I need 2-3 lamps. Any input greatly appreciated folks and once I've got them I'll take a gallery of my favourite models and post it. Cheers folks.

    1. Easy fast fixes.

      1) Tripod (super important).
      2) Setting a shutter to "remote or timed" (Mini's usually require long shudder times to get decent depth of field, so just pressing the button can screw them up)
      3) Diffuse lighting (bounce the light off a wall, or put something transparent in front of it). Mini's hate harsh shadows. Covers up all the details. If you are using a flash, don't aim the flash at the mini, aim it at the ceiling or wall.

  3. Cheers Greg.
    As the flash is built into the camera I have no choice - however I've just been reading around and have bought some continuous daylight lamps off Amazon which means there should be no need for a flash anymore. Really useful tips regarding the tripod and timer/shutter though - I have a tripod somewhere hidden away I will dig out and will play with the camera settings. I already have a light tent to diffuse things so hopefully this time next week when the lamps arrive I can start taking some semi-decent pics! Watch this space.

    1. If you have some tissue paper, you can put it over the flash. That will diffuse it some what (or toilet paper). Or, if it's an overcast day, just take it outside and photo it. :)

      Looking forward to the new photos. I can see how lovely the models are done...lotta work put into them!