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Imperial Armour 2 second edition FAQs - answers from Forgeworld

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Having read through and reviewed the book, there were several areas that I found to be needing clarification. Some of these were already answered in Forgeworlds FAQ; some turned out to be simple incompetence on my part and others turned out to be genuinely in need of clarification. I haven't seen the answers to some of these elsewhere on the web and so thought I would post them here as an official answer to these questions as they have come straight from the horses mouth so to speak. I will also summarise the areas that are already FAQd and the areas I misinterpreted, as several of these seem to be common misinterpretations from my web searches. I will also update my review pages to keep everything consistent. Cheers


Q. I may have missed it but it does not say for the Helios, proteus and Achilles which armies they can be taken in, what slot they fill and whether they are dedicated transports for terminators 

A. The information on what armies and FOC slots Land Raider variants can be take in can be found on page 57 (below  the Thunderfire Cannon rules) and page 59 for the Prometheus.

(NOTE, I wasn't being entirely stupid as it's written in a box of special rules as a paragraph under the thunderfire cannon rules, which is not the way the FOC allocations are presented in the rest of the book)

Q. Why is the Caestus ram supersonic as surely that means it cannot hover/disembark

A. As noted in the Caestus' rules the Supersonic rule can only be used when Zooming and not when Hovering. It can choose to Hover and may not use Supersonic when hovering.


Q. Is the Lucius drop pod the only dedicated transport the dreanoughts can take (so no regular drop pod for the non-contemptor dreads?)
A. The Lucius Pattern Dreadnought Drop Pod is a dedicated transport vehicle for Dreadnought, you can't put Dreadnoughts in other drop pods.
Q. What is the deal with the Lucius drop pod? Does the dreadnought have to disembark the turn it arrives or can it remain embarked? If not, why have the assault vehicle rule?

A. Dreadnought may choose not to disembark from the Lucius Drop Pod. They may not assault on the turn the drop pod enters play but, as the drop pod is an assault vehicle, if they choose to disembark on a subsequent turn they may assault the turn they disembark.
Q. With regard to the Lucius drop pod, if you remain embarked, can the dreadnought be targeted and what is the effect of destroyed or explodes results on it in the subsequent turn (I gather shaken/stunned are the same as for other passengers nut correct me if wrong)

A. The Dreadnought cannot be targeted as it is still embarked on the Drop Pod.  So, you would need to destroy the Drop Pod, before being able to target the Dreadnought. If the Lucius dreadnought drop pod  is wrecked with the Dreadnought inside, the dreadnought takes no damage, but the wreckage counts as difficult terrain.  So, in order to move out, it would need to make a difficult terrain test.  If the Drop Pod explodes, then it takes the Strength 4 hit on its rear armour.

Q. Can a deathstorm whirlwind attack the turn it enters play as it is a template weapon but normally a drop pod could only snap shot.
A. The Deathstorm Drop Pod lands and its weapons fire off indiscriminately.  It does get to fire its whirlwind launchers, even though they are template weapons.  It is an exception to the normal rules.
Q. Can blood angels really not take contemptor dreadnoughts as the FW page shows one painted in BA colours.

A. They can take standard Contemptors, but can't take Mortis Pattern Contemptors.

Q. Tarantulas - does the hyperios version have a preferred target?
A. No, the Hyperios variant does not have a preferred target. 

Q. Is there any reason the gk vortimer land raider redeemer is so expensive considering a normal gk redeemer with psyflame and psybolts is only 255 and all gk units except Inq henchmen have Psykout and frag grenades anyway.

A. The Vortimer GK L/R comes with a Pycannon rather than it being a Heavy Bolter upgrade, it also has assault launchers like the Landraider Crusader, plus it gets Psykout grenades with this.  It is also based on the points costs for Landraiders from the latest Space Marine codex. 

(NOTE, I don't think they realised the redeemer has an assault cannon rather than heavy bolter so the real answer is that it's a rubbish unit for the points as you can more or less build one from the codex options for a lot less points)

Official errata and clarifications (from HERE) 


Relic Sicaran Battle Tank (page 79)
The Side and Rear Armour values of the Relic Sicaran Battle Tank are 12.

Fire Raptor Gunship (page 139)
In addition to the armies listed, the Fire Raptor may be taken by a Codex: Blood Angels army.
In addition to its listed options, a Fire Raptor may exchange its independent turret-mounted quad 
bolters for an:
- Independent turret-mounted twin-linked autocannon...Free


Sisters of Battle Repressor (page 239)
The Shield of Faith special rule should be updated to read:
Models with the Shield of Faith special rule have a 6+ invulnerable save and the Adamantium Will special rule.
Codex: Inquisition
The following vehicles may be taken in a Codex: Inquisition detachment:
• An Inquisitorial Land Raider Prometheus (page 223) may be taken as a Dedicated Transport 
option for an Inquisitorial Henchmen Warband.
• An  Inquisitorial Valkyrie Assault Carrier Squadron (page 230) may be taken as a Fast Attack 
choice in an Inquisitorial Detachment. Note that this is in addition to the two HQ and three Elites choices stipulated by the Inquisitorial Detachment Force Organisation chart.


Codex: Adepta Sororitas
References in Imperial Armour Volume Two: Second Edition to ‘Codex: Sisters of Battle’ should be read as‘Codex: Adepta Sororitas’.

Warhammer 40,000: Escalation
When playing games using the rules presented in Warhammer 40,000: Escalation, the following units, listed as Lords of War in Imperial Armour Volume Two: Second Edition, are treated as follows:

The Fellblade SuperHeavy Tank (page 105), Typhon Heavy Siege Tank (page 109), Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer (page 113) and Thunderhawk Transporter (page 131) may be chosen if your primary detachment is from Codex: Space Marines, Codex: Blood Angels, Codex: Dark Angels or Codex: Space Wolves. It may also be taken in the following Imperial Armour army lists: Tyrant’s Legion and the Space Marine Siege Assault Vanguard.

The Grey Knights Thunderhawk Gunship (page 218) may be chosen if your primary detachment is from Codex: Grey Knights.


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