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Imperial Armour 2 second edition unit reviews part 7 - Inquisition and appendices

Here we have it folks, the final installment in which I will cover Inquisiton forces and the appendices at the back of the book.

Grey Knights Vortimer pattern redeemer

First up we have the vortimer redeemer, which is the cost of a power fist and a power weapon more than a standard GK redeemer. Is it worth it? In my opinion no. All you seem to gain is that the psyflame is already included and the assault cannon is a psycannon by default. Oh, and you can still buy psybolts if you want to upgrade say a stormbolter, but then if you had simply bought the psybolts then it would have applied to all weapons including the assault cannon in the first place. Upgrades are the same (except you can buy a dozer blade) and the only other exception I can see is that it is armed with psyk-out launchers, which are frag grenades that reduce daemons and psykers to initiative 1. I really can't see the point in paying all the extra points when the upgrades normally would cost you a quarter of that. The psyk-out greandes are already standard equipment for almost all grey knights anyway so again, a waste of points unless you are using death cultists or something. A bit superfluous really - nice model but by no means should you bother with these rules, just upgrade the standard redeemer.  

Grey Knights Vortimer pattern razorback

Another turkey, except this one is actually the correct points cost. It simply is the same points and capability as the GK codex razorback with TL assault cannon and psybolts. Nothing more to add really. It seems nothing more than a gimmick to make it look as if the FW model is special, when really the rules for it already exist. 

Grey Knights MKIV Doomglaive pattern Dreadnought

The best of a bad bunch, at least the dreadnought has a reasonable new rule to bring to the game. At little under 200 points, he is very costly mind and still won't measure up to the old psyfleman in terms of effectiveness. However, doing the maths he actually comes in cheaper than a build your own equivalent as he already has an assault cannon with psybolts (psycannon) and a heavy flamer with psyflame (incinerator). Everything else is the same as the normal one except for the doomglaive. Listed as a DCCW (older terminology) that follows the rules for nemesis weapons, this bad boy allows you to strike at I1 but gain D6 extra attacks! so potential for 8 S10 nemesis weapon hits, which if you are up against a unit unlikely to damage you in combat is a bargain. Definitely the best alternative GK option on offer here.  

Grey Knights Thunderhawk gunship

Effectively the same as a normal Thunderhawk but 65 points more costly. However, it does have the Aegis and psychic pilot rules (with fortitude) as well as a few options. These are to exchange the TL heavy bolters for psycannons, to add psybolts to the TL heavy bolters and to exchange the hellstrike missiles for mindstrike missiles. A nice touch, though 65 points is a lot for reinforced aegis (good to bolster those around you) and especially for fortitude, which doesn't actually matter for super heavies anyway. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think there are a few instances of the writers not understanding the implications of rules they are adding in for a lot of points in some cases. 

Inquisitiorial Land Raider Prometheus

Used as a command vehicle by several Inquisitors, the Prometheus can be taken as a dedicated transport for him/her. It is otherwise the same as the prometheus as covered earlier, except that it can have truesilver armour and a warp stabilisation field should you wish. 

Inquisitorial Valkyrie assault carrier squadron

Again, pretty much the same as the Imperial Guard equivalent except that you can take the vehicle upgrades for other flyers (chaff launchers etc), exchange hellstrike missiles for mindstrikes and you don't have the special rules for deep strike, grav chutes or scout. Lastly, the squadron is a fast attack option for grey knight armies containing an inquisitor or a single one may be taken as a dedicated transport for said Inquisitor.

Sisters of Battle Repressor

Obviously this book was written before the name change. The repressor is the cost of 3 power fists and has 13/11/10 armour, BS4 and 3 hull points. Transport capacity is 12 with the usual rhino access points and 3 fire points each side (left/right) and two from the top hatch. Also, it has a cupola heavy bolter, pintle heavy flamer and a dozer blade. Like other Sororitas vehicles, it has the shield of faith rule and can be taken as a dedicated transport. I've always liked the model for this and think it measures up decently as an addition to the SoB armoury. Would love it to be a trasnport for Arbites one day if they ever make a return. 


A quick summary of the appendices before I go on to talk about the main one of note:

I - special rules - covers rules from other codices (aegis) and from this book (battle auspex) as well as the wargear for flyers and the relics of the armoury rule. 

II - Legacies of glory - discussed below

III - vehicle summary - a handy reference chart with all the vital stats of the vehicles within. 

IV - weapons summary - a page full of weapon stats which unfortunately are listed in order of appearance in the book rather than alphabetically which can make them hard to find. The special rules for certain weapons (such as gravition guns) are listed on the page opposite. 

V - Apocalypse rules summary - a handy page which basically tells you all you need to know to use the Super Heavy Lords of War contained in the book as well as giving the dimensions to build your own templates. Handy for someone like myself who doesn't own the new rules. 

Legacies of glory

This is a great section containing rules to personalize your ancient vehicles and give them their own legacy - kind of like warlord traits for vehicles. The reasoning and history behind the traits are tied into battles, mostly from the Horus Heresy, which is a nice touch. There is a base cost which is then doubled if it is a super heavy. Any vehicles across the book and any of the SM codexes including Badab may be upgraded. Only one may be taken per 1000 points and no duplication within the entire army (not detachment notice). Here's a brief summary:

Battle of Keylek - blast weapons gain ignores cover

Ullanor Crusade - Preferred enemy: Orks (Walkers get hatred Orks) and enemies must reroll successful to hit rolls in the first round of combat (doesn't specify Orks).

War of Murder - Gains monster hunter and friendlies within 6" are fearless

Battle of Sarosh - Once per game, one weapon gains skyfire, interceptor, tank hunters and night vision.

Istvaan III - Preferred enemy: Chaos SM and auto passes dangerous terrain tests in ruins.

Burning of Prospero - Gains admantium will, +2 if witchfire

Istvaan V - Vehicle never scatters when deep striking

Battle of Calth -  Preferred enemy: Chaos SM and enemy warlords within 12" get -1 Ld

Battle of Signus Prime - Preferred enemy: Chaos Daemons and friendly models within 6" gain furious charge

Battle of Phall - Thunderhawks get 6+ jink and Stormeagles (+variants) get +1 to jink

Thramas Crusade - All friendly models in 12" gain fearless

Schism of Mars - Gains tank hunters; when targetting daemonforge units gains +1 BS; ignores haywire on 4+

Battle of Terrra - Gains it will not die

Icon of Glory - +1 WS or BS, increases the range of Warlords command trait by 6" if within 2" (also gives away 1 VP if destroyed)

Shrouded Provenance - Gains venerable (reroll explodes result for super heavy) but can only be ally of convenience to its detachement and desperate ally to allied detachment.

Ancient Mariner - May reroll archeotech or mysterious tables (second result must be accepted)

There we have it. The last section in particular I find to be a really nice ruleset allowing you to customise a vehicle and perhaps use the rules as upgrades to be gained in a campaign. I hope these reviews have been useful - I certainly have found them to be great for understanding the book and units myself. I have emailed Forgeworld some questions for any ambiguous areas and will update the posts accordingly (or maybe post an FAQ article). Some nominations are as follows:

Favourite units

1 - Sicaran - just awesome in all regards, model and ruleset
2 - Typhon siege tank - tank built around a gun - enough said
3 - Fire raptor - so much dakka

Honourable mention - I do have a soft spot for the Spartan, much better than a land raider for a marginal points increase

Broken units

1 - Caestus assault ram - nigh unstoppable.
2 - Rapiers - dirt cheap for what they do compared to devastators
3 - Whirlwind deathstorm - if I'm interpreting the rules correctly you can deep strike turn one into the middl of your enemy and drop an average of two whirlwind templates onto each unit within 12"!

Honourable mention - the mortis pattern dreadnoughts/hyperios could be the space marine answer to riptides

Worst Units

1 -  Thunderhawk transporter - doesn't really add anything to the game
2 - Grey Knight vortimer redeemer - just plain overcosted considering it has nothing to add over the standard one.
3 - Land raider Proteus - I just can't see the point in a land raider you can't assault from. 

Honourable mention - Infernum pattern razorback. 

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