Friday, 14 February 2014

Commission pieces - Eisenhorn and two Chapter Masters on bikes

Hi all,

Lately I've found myself tied up mostly with commission painting work. I suspect it will be a short stint but a fun one nonetheless. Nothing to stimulate painting enthusiasm like a fresh challenge and some deadlines with the promise of a bit of hobby cash at the end. Here are some descriptions and decent pics of them courtesy of old two eyes camera - I've included some of my previous Eisenhorn commission too.

The brief I had from Matt for these two was as follows. The army they were to be a part of is painted as blood angels but used as either BAs or SMs. These two were obviously designed to be the SM half being Chapter Masters and all. So as far as parts and colour scheme went, red should predominate and the parts need not be blood angel specific.

The first one was designed to be equipped with a power fist, SM bike, artificer amrour and shield eternal. I used the ravenwing Champion as inspiration for this chap (who was meant to be the actual chapter master) as the relic on the back of the bike seemed appropriate. The power fist is a BA one and the head is fromt the sternguard kit. Only other modifications were to strap a terminator storm shield to the left forearm and use one of the Dark vengeance prows with bolters. I went with a driving uphill look and used gold and white mostly for the extra colours.

The second chap was meant to represent the captain of the first company using CM rules. He was to also wear artificer armour and ride a bike, except he would be armed with a storm shield and burning blade. I used the DV sergeant as I liked the iconography (lots of swords as he was the burning blade bearer) and also he had a bare head and was jinking the bike to the side with the sword on. I used a deathwing sotrm shield with sword on to strap to the right forearm, added an extra banner to the back to make him more ornate and used the ravenwing command sword as the burning blade. I then sculpted some flames on the sword and hair on his head. The predominant colours on him were red with black trim and mainly gold accents - this was to contrast with the other figure so they didn't look too similar. (note, he's not quite finished in these pics as I added more detail to the sword and a few layers of varnish after)

A fun project all in all and I hope that Matt will be happy with them. (so long as I don't have to face them in battle I'm happy also!)

And some more pictures of Eisenhorn on a camera that does him more justice

I am now moving onto a larger scale commission job which will occupy all of my hobby time for the next 2-3 weeks so expect to see some pics soon. Cheers


  1. I love these models! eisenhorn especially. very nice :)

  2. Fantastic Eisenhorn! What's the staff made out of?

  3. Hi M.R, it's simply a grey knight stave, though in retrospect I wish I had used the banner poless off a fw rogue psyker as they are more true to the artwork.