Saturday, 4 May 2013

Blog Wars 5 countdown - 7 weeks to go - Raven Guard finished

Hello folks,

It's been over a month since my last post thanks to a host of factors. Busy work and study schedules, Tau projects and other things have taken priority. That's not to say I haven't had a bit of time to work on my BW5 marines, and they're finally starting to take shape. I'm over halfway through the painting for each individual squad and have made hefty progress on my NMM Lysander. I thought over the next 7 weeks I would therefore post a countdown to the event, finishing off one unit a week. Of the 11 units I'm taking, 3 are completely finished and the fourth should be done by tomorrow and so I'll add an extra post in then. For now, the 2 Iron hands units can be seen on the Iron hands tab and the third unit, Raven Guard scouts, can be seen below. It's surprising how much time even a simple black and metal scheme can take sometimes! I converted all these chaps and painted the armour with grey highlights and leather with blue-grey highlights. Until tomorrow, enjoy.


  1. these are absolutely amazing!! Great work as always!
    Just a quick questions on the scout helmets, were did you get them?
    Sorry if it is really straightforward, i am still learning!
    Can't wait to see more painted miniatures (hopefully blood angels!) :D

  2. Thanks! They are these ones from pig iron productions:

    They have many different ones to choose from. Blood angels coming soon, but a few others to come first. Cheers.