Sunday, 5 May 2013

Blog wars 5 countdown - 7 weeks to go - Whitescars

Hi folks,

Second installment this week is the Whitescars contribution to my little menagerie of Space Marines for BW5. Affectionately known as Chibi, this is my sole Stormtalon. She's been painted up with heavy battle damage and based using plastic aquarium plants to give the impression she's flying low over an alien jungle (hides the stem quite well too) sadly, my inexperience with clear plastic and spray varnish now means after these pics were taken she ended up with a frosted canopy. Looks quite good, but obscures the detail inside. Check back next week as the countdown continues. 


  1. Nice stuff, and the Raven Guard scouts too. Adds loads to them with the helmets. My biker Scouts also have Pig Iron heads.

    Have you tried applying gloss varnish ('Ardcoat) or water effects over the canopy to combat the frosting? Try on one panel to see?

  2. Cheers siph, for the comments and the advice. I do like the pig iron helmets, my crimson fist scouts have them too. Do you know if the gloss would completely remove the frosting or simply add a different kind of opacity? I quite like the frosted glass actually, just a shame that it hides the interior details.

  3. It should remove it, however I'd look at a side window test first? Is the frosting defo on outside? Or is it glue 'vapour' from when you glued the cockpit. I fix cockpits by PVA wood glue, no vapours - poly cement and superglue will both frost the inside.

    If you like it, leave it! You can see the inside if you look carefully.

  4. Hi siph, yes its definitely from the varnish as I glued the cockpit a while back with pva as well iirc.

    Tried the varnish though and came up with a good compromise. The 2 'framed' areas in the front windows are now clear with the rest frosted. Looks pretty decent actually so will try to post a pic.

    Thanks very much for the tip!