Friday, 22 March 2013

Blog wars 5 army test models complete

Hi folks,

As always, my camera doesn't do them much justice but here's some pics showing the test models for my BW5 first founding themed SM army. Note the absence of 3 chapters as they are represented by vehicles or an IC. 

Blood Angel - a near complete model originally, I went over the red completely with new paints to give a more even and crisp finish

Dark Angel - a few touch ups added to an already near complete model.

Space wolf - starting with the army painter spray, I base coated with a 50:50 shadow grey and space wolf grey working up to space wolf grey. Note the Harald deathwolf transfer.

Salamander - a lot of love went into this model getting the green, lava and and flames right. Very pleased with the result.

Raven Guard - pretty simple and mostly involved painting on all the highlights before washing with black

Ultramarine - likewise, I was never happy with my original non-vibrant ultramarine scheme and so this chap I painted the armour in full before giving him a glaze with an old citadel vortex blue ink - the result was stunning and exactly what I was after.


So far I have all models painted / basecoated which is a good place to start. One of the three vehicles is complete with another close to finished and the third halfway. Of the remaining 55 models, 10 are already finished with the other 45 being in various stages of completion. To get all of them to the above standard in little over 10 weeks will be a somewhat gruelling schedule but I'm confident it can be achieved with a bit of discipline. 4 models a week isn't so bad when you look at it that way. More updates to come when I have them. Cheers.


  1. looking awesome! definitely an army that would be a pleasure to be drawn against on the day! see you there!

  2. Cheers pal, should be a great turnout this year. Am looking forward to seeing what armies are on disply and meeting everyone.