Monday, 11 March 2013

Finally decided what I'm taking to Blog Wars 5.

Hi folks,

Been a while. I've been working on assembling some daemons (Heretic!) over the past few weeks, but with 3 months to go, I've had to turn my attention to what I'll be taking to Blog Wars 5 this June. So, I cast my mind back to what I was considering before Christmas. 

Whitescars were top of the list as I had a list that I was very happy with, but am struggling to motivate myself to paint all that white over next few months - I much prefer to spread things out over a looonnnng time, as you may notice from my various projects ;)

Then there were the Luna Wolves, which I've made a lot of progress on modelling recently. However, there are still elements of the army lacking (notably, Loken and heavy weapons) which I can't afford at the moment. Plus, even though it's an off-white, it's still white!

Recent releases have made me consider other options. I played around with Dark Angels lists, but at 1850 was struggling to come up with anything I was 100% happy with. My CSM army is a bit of a mish-mash of sub-par units and is barely enough points to meet the requirements. Then there are Daemons, which I have about 1000pts of. Between the two of them I might be able to make a decent list that would also be fun to paint, but with so many new rules to learn in such a short space of time, I would be making hard work for myself. 

While playing around with the idea of an 'Angels of death' army, basically DA with BS allies, an idea struck me. Why not build a list around all the first founding Chapters? This would allow three things: being able to use already painted units from different armies to give me a head start, painting variety over the coming months and being able to use a variety of units from different armies in a combination I wouldn't usually be able to. Though I am still playing with the list and which elements I wish to bring from each army, I think I've come up with something I'm happy with:

So there it is. By no means a super-competitive list, but it should perform adequately and provide a lot of painting fun in the meantime. All will be run as codex marines, which is only really a fluff issue in the case of the Space Wolves, but far from a major issue. Varying degrees of painting need to be done, with the Wolves and Ultramarines needing the most and the Blood Angels and Iron Hands being already finished. Lysander is currently being repainted as a non-metallic metallic version - possibly my most ambitious project to date but hopefully one that will turn out well with some practice, patience and guidance. Cheers.


  1. Hey mate,
    awesome idea with the founding chapters. :-)

    The list itself is quite decent also. Only thing I'd prolly change is the Scouts and Bike squad. Both seem rather underrated in their current state. Maybe you should consilidate the points into one squad that is geared out better. A bigger bike squadron would give you some more mobility for example.
    Though this would leave you only with two scoring units... Mhh, ah well. Keep all as it is! ;-)

    Looking forward to seeing you at BW5.


  2. Cheers pal, look forward to meeting yourself and lots of new people this year due to the high attendance. The painting project is coming on well so far and I've finally found a formula for painting ultramarines that doesn't make them look bland. Pics of test models in the next few days.