Sunday, 17 February 2013

Greenwing: full army 'almost' completed

Firstly, the 'almost' in the title refers to the fact I need one more jump pack marine to give me a 5-man squad, a whirlwind turret (strongly considering an old-school box-turret scratchbuild) possibly 5 refurbished metal scouts and a pair of mortis autocannon arms to round off the green part of the army. Pics below, enjoy.

Master with mace of redemption/lions roar; Master with Monster slayer of Caliban
Interrogator Chaplain and Ezekiel
Techmarine with Auspex and Chapter standard bearer Bethor
Grand Master Azrael and Watcher
Command squad with standard of devastation (note I still need a Blade of Caliban for the champion)


Assault company veterans with assorted weapons and shields
Shooty company veteran with ML/Plasma gun, storm shields and combis (note sergeant dual pistols)
Dreadnought with multiple loadouts (hoping for mortis autocannons at some point)


2 10-man tactical squads


Assault squad with flamers for rhino mounted anti-infantry (5-man JP squad not pictured)

Devastators with MLs/PCs
Vindicator also with magnetised marts for predator
Land raider

Dedicated transports
Rhino - can be outfitted as predator/razorback
Razorback - can be outfitted as whirlwind when I convert the turret finally
Drop pod - working on making the interior removable for dreadnought/infantry deployment

So there we have it, the third and final part of the army is complete. The projects are still ongoing to some extent though, with various vehicle parts and weapons to magnetise, a few units or upgrades to add in here and there and, of course, all the painting to be done. However, the Dark Angels have come on in leaps and bound in the past month and have now tripled in size from what they were back in August. To finish off here's a group shot with the Deathwing just visible above them. 


  1. Looking good!

    One small item: the Apothecary in your Command Squad is armed incorrectly. If a Veteran is upgraded to Apothecary he replaces his Bolt pistol for a Narthecium, leaving him only armed with a Chainsword.

    Since he then would have a separate stat line he's no longer a Veteran and cannot select any additional options (like trading his Chainsword for a Bolter).

    Certainly does seem silly, but until it gets FAQ'ed those are the rules.

    On the plus side he IS a Character so can issue or respond to challenges, leaving your Champion and/or attached ICs free to slay rank-and-file enemy foes.

  2. Well spotted. He's one of my older models so in fact received no attention during my recent spate of modelling. I'd forgotten about the wargear entry and so shall promptly demote him from shelf to desk - I'm a stickler for wysiwyg! Cheers.