Monday, 18 February 2013

Scavenging conversion bits from a quad gun - whirlwind and rifleman dread



Hi folks,

Anyone who's read my posts about Dark Angels lately will know I've amassed quite an army. However, for the sake of completion there were a few elements missing. Two particular ones were a (now bargain priced) whirlwind and mortis pattern autocannons AKA rifleman dreadnought arms. Now the easy solution to this was to invest in some FW dreadnought arms and a whirlwind sprue. However, with cash being a bit tight at the mo I got a bit more creative with the bits box and instead came up with these.







 Mortis dreadnought autocannons:

This is a bit of a lie as I actually made these for my grey knights a while back. Until such time as I can grab some FW ones, these will be a great proxy. They are simply made using the parts from a spare quad gun (in the days before they were purchasable and flyers existed), some plasticard and a bit of guitar wire. 


Whirlwind turret:

Inspired by the old-school whirlwind turret, I'm really pleased with how this turned out. Basically, I used the leftovers from the quad gun to assemble the superstructure (slightly different from normal quad gun base assembly) with some stepped plasticard to plug a gap on the topand also to make a front. At first I used some styrene hoops cut from a tube for the barrels but then a chance glance inside the bits box made me use a load of leftover HK missiles for a much more interesting finish. More quad gun parts and a comm antennae were used to decorate and finally an accompanying turret with optics on was made, again from quad gun and rhino parts. 

This conversion took me less than an hour and is actually really straightforward. Anyone wanting a tutorial or who has any questions please ask. Cheers.

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  1. whirlwind turret is ace pal, might steal that one.