Friday, 8 February 2013

Fortitude and devastation: a tale of two standards

Hi folks,

The Dark Angels project is in its final phases now and so should hopefully have the last of the greenwing done by Monday. In addition to mass assembling, I've also been painting Belial (also pics soon) and some of the sacred standards. The standard of devastation I've shown pics of before but now I've outlined it to make it more crisp. The standard of fortitude is now done also. Retribution will have to wait a while (don't want to be too much like Space Wolves now do we) as I'm not a huge fan. Also. they are designed to be interchangable between all 3 command squads! Here you go:



  1. You sir, disgust me with your painting abilities! My DA are going to look like the poorer cousins!

  2. Ha ha, thanks 'cuz', I'll paint you one for your birthday if you like. Tbh I'm actually enjoying painting banners more than models at the mo. I was quite pleased with them until I did a Google search and saw this one, which gave me a fairly similar reaction to yours:,%20Dark%20Angels%20Standard%20Bearer,%20Sacred%20Standard%20Of%20Devastation.jpg

    There are some elements I prefer on this one, such as the brighter colours and placement of the chequers below the border rather than in. Mine was a compromise to try and make the banner design for to the gw command squad banner, which is not quite the same.

    1. Yeah he did somewhat kick your ass. That makes me feel better thanks! Seriously though I'm never gonna get close to either of you so it doesn't mean much coming from me.

      I have to say I like his standard topper being in full colour not just gold. Not a dig at yours but a nice idea on his part. I assume thats the guy from the RW set he's used?

  3. Yes that's the one. I used my ones on the land raider. I prefer the all metal or marbled banner toppers to painted ones as I think they look more authentic. Also, the veteran sprue has 3 toppers for backpacks that are near perfect matches for all 3 sacred standards, which I thought was a nice touch.

  4. Damnit, I so badly want all the banners painted but I'm too scared to start. Any tips on how to kick it off?

  5. I guess the best advice I can give is to first work out what you want to achieve with the end result. If you think you can paint to a high standard then go for it but if not it's easy to get frustrated when itdoesnt end up shaping up to look like the Codex pic.

    For the ones above I modified the design in the Codex as it was a different banner shape so I knew what proportions I would need from the start. Get a fair idea of scale before you begin, for example in the sof I knew the flames would be about 1/3 the total height of the banner minus the skull strip at the bottom.

    Start with the background colour, so black sticking with the sof, then the next largest area with just one coat and no detail. Once you have done a few large areas, stop and try to envisage if the proportions etc are looking about right. If not it's still easy at this stage to change things around a bit. When you're happy with the large areas, say wings, robes and flames, take them one at a time and build up the depth of colour. Details and black edge highlighting come later.

    It takes a good couple of hours to get them to the standard above bit its defintely worth it in the end and makes a mice change painting 2d rather than 3d. Hope this helps.