Saturday, 2 February 2013

Ravenwing! Full army assembled

Hi folks,

Second part of my Dark Angel army assembly. This time around it's the Ravenwing. As most of the new releases focus on the RW, my army has grown from a RW battleforce to be some three times the size. It's not fieldable as a full 2000 point army on it's own however; about 1500 points I'd estimate. As part of the usual cost-cutting, the nephilim/dark talon and darkshroud/vengeance were both made to be able to switch out between the two alternates - let's face it the vengeance is lackluster compared to predators and the you'd only want one flyer max in any list to maximise on the other FA choices. The majority of the new part of the army is based around dark vengeance ravenwing conversions - 4 kits in all, plus many conversion parts from dark vengeance, the RW command set and others. Without further ado here are the pics:

Full army ready for spraying
The excellent finecast Sammael - I was lucky enough to get a good cast. However, Alex (from the fang) got a horribly warped one so GWs QC still has a few creases to iron out.

Librarian and techmarine. The Techmarine is an older conversion who has wandered from army to army. However, he fits nicely with A RW army and therefore I added the spare RWC legs, a new fairing and an auspex to make him look the part.

The Librarian is on a DV sergeant bike and the torso itself is from the DV librarian. The left arm was swapped and the sword added to the bike (see previous pic above). Any imperfections in the join were hidden with accessories.

For the Chaplain I used the RWC champion bike and legs, with the DV RW sergeant torso and a DV RW biker left arm. The head, backpack and right arm were from Seraphicus (more about what happened to the rest of him later) and the left pad from the DV librarian.

Chaplain and Champion. Note the Champion is mounted on a DV sergeant bike and has a third spare banner pole with teleport homer.

Apothecary and Standard bearer. Only deviation from the norm is the Deathwing command bare head is used on the standard bearer. Ultimately I want to convert the bearer to be able to hold any of the sacred standards also.

Black knight champion and knight. A DV sergeant bike/torso was used for the champion as was the same triple banner used for the RWC champion. The grenade launcher is from the tutorial I posted here, and needs a bit of GS filling before it's finished.

Two more black knights, both based on DV bikers. The plasma talons are conversions from the tutorial here also.

The last two black knights. Spare Black knight parts from the RWC set were used for all the knights plus a spare corvus hammer generously donated by Alex.

The original DV bike set, only with the bolt pistol removed to allow adding a special weapon.

Ravenwing attack squad from the battleforce. The sergeants left arm is magnetised for different weapons.

Second half of the larger attack squad.

Land speeder with magnetised typhoon launcher

Two attack bikes from each RW squadron. Note the left hand bike is made using the new DV bikes so as to fit with the rest of the squad.

Nephilim, which as mentioned above has been magnetised to become a darktalon in the tutorial found here.

Darkshroud, which can easily be swapped out to a vengeance.

Finally I leave you with a preview pic from the third and final installment of the series, Greenwing. (hopefully to be posted next weekend) This is a Company master based on DV Chaplain Seraphicus and wielding both the mace of absolution and lions roar relics. 


  1. Looking good man, like all your conversions, especially the chapter master at the end.

    I also used the librarian from DV in a conversion, but thankfully I swapped the other arm instead.

    I decided not to use the old BA techmarine top for my conversion, mine is completely hacked together.

    I'm also holding onto the ltd. ed. chaplain model and am just piecing my chappy together from the bitz box.

    1. Nice conversions pal. I toyed with the idea of doing the librarian the other way, but in the end decided I loved the pose too much. Besides, I got to salvage the sword as bike stowage and use the detailed left pad for the bike Chaplain that way. I'm not sure what colour the characters bikes should be - I'm thinking black but then they aren't technically part of the ravenwing. Thoughts anyone?

    2. I'm definitely sticking with black but flirting with certain details in the appropriate colours.

  2. Looking good mate. Need to finish all mine off. Your Sammael still looks better than my replacement!

    1. Cheers pal, what was wrong with the second one? Hopefully soon will be done with all this assembling and can actually spray and paint them!

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