Saturday, 30 July 2011

Making the most of spare bitz part 2: Dark Eldar Elites

So, the time finally came where I couldn’t resist all the sexy models offered by GW any longer and bought a dark eldar army. Though I principally collect, model and paint, I always put together an army with a semi=decent and themed army list in mind. Therefore, with the DE I bought the following sets:

2 x battleforces
2 x hellions
2 x venoms
1 x wracks
1 x incubi
1 x razorwing
1 x talos/cronos
1 x ravager
1 x scourges

They’re almost fully assembled and magnetised and ready for spraying, but that aside the true purpose of the article is to talk about the conversions. As with the raven guard scouts, I found myself with several spare passenger models and, as it seemed a shame to either waste them or simply use them for mere decoration, I went about converting them into 5 trueborn and 5 bloodbrides. Almost all of them are magnetised to allow wargear swapouts and all are mounted on rocks to make them stand out from the regular wyches/warriors.

To make them further stand out, I added dome masks and trophy racks to the trueborn (and a large, raider blade to the dracon) and gave all the bloodbrides masked faces and double bladed knives. The poses are adapted as best possible from the passengers, though I did have to greenstuff legs in some places as seen on the unpainted models.

As a bonus, here's a pic of the Klaivex conversion I made with demi-klaives. I simply cut the klaive in half and added a plastic knife handle (same style but slightly smaller) to the other half, as well as a GS power core. He has the archon helmet to further distinguish him.

Will add the final update tomorrow. Enjoy.

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