Friday, 29 July 2011

Making the most of spare bitz part 1: Raven Guard Scouts

Long time no update, as usual. I’ve been on a peripheral hospital attachment and so hobby time has been at something of a premium lately. Anyway, this is the first of 3 articles I will be putting up over the weekend about some good and economical uses of spare parts found in GW kits.

When I decided to build a Raven Guard army it was on the proviso that it would be a strict budget army. This meant that I scavenged several un-needed models from some of my other Marine armies and also that vehicles were mostly left out of the army. One particular set of bitz I had laying around, however, were the scout passengers from 2 land speeder storms. I immediately saw that with a bit of modification these models could be incorporated into the army (mixed in with 10 ordinary scouts) and would grant me more dynamic poses than the regular scout models. I also used some maxmini heads left over from the crimson fists scouts I’d made, as well as some foamcard and industrial scenery parts. Without further ado, here are the part-painted results:

The pics should be fairly self-explanatory but if anyone has any specific questions about the conversions or bits used please ask. I will add parts 2 and 3 over the next few days: to give you an idea, things will become even darker.....

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