Friday, 10 June 2011

Blog wars army - Blood Angels.

Greetings all. Been a while since my last post - both exams and holidays conspired to keep me away, as well as painting up some Blood Angels for From the Fangs' Blog Wasrs tournament. This was my first tournament, and although I came away empty handed, I was more than happy to lose out both to some fantastically painted armies in the painting contest and to the eventual winner in the actual tournament itself. Being placed on the top table after two games was great considering I'm not the most experienced gamer and the day overall was a fantastic experience and great opportunity to meet some other guys in our little community.

On to the army itself. Here's a rundown of the list:

Librarian Storm Shield + terminator armour 145
5 assault terminators 3 Thunder Hammers/Storm Shields 215
Furioso dreadnought frag cannon, blood fist + meltagun 125
2 priests Corbulo, Jump Pack 180
Tactical squad Rhino, Power Fist, meltagun, Multi-melta 250
Tactical squad Rhino, Power weapon, flamer, M.Launcher 235
5 assault razorback, meltagun, Power weapon 145
10 assault 2 melta guns, Power fist, melta bombs 240
Stormraven lascannons, multimeltas, extra armour 215

As most experienced gamers can probably tell, the list wasn't designed to win touraments, it was more of a list of things I wanted to get painted up that would have some synergy on the battlefield without being too cheesy. Without further ado, here are photos of the army:

Corbulo: This version of Corbulo is made from sanguard parts with a greenstuff casted left arm comprising exsanguniator and space hulk chalice. I paint the priests in my army white, with the novitiate in my honour guard squad retaining the more traditional white trim on red armour.

Priest Galen: Many will notice 2nd edition nostalgia in my army, and this chap is one of the more obvious ones being based on the old blood angel apothecary beakie. The freehand didn't actually take that long on him, with the white being a gradual blending up from a codex grey base.

Librarian Callistarius: My librarian is the Space Hulk model with a few bits of battle damage on him. Although he didn't fare that well in the games, the model was a joy to paint.

Assault terminator squad: These chaps are a mixture of various space hulk, assualt terminator and blood angel parts, which attempts to get around the problem of there only being two assault termiantor models in the box. A mix and match
of torsos helps to achive this, with tabards and the like covering the battle damage on the parts from the lightning claw chap.

Dreadnought Duros: I wanted a change from just the twin blood talons combo and so opted for the magnificent frag cannon, which performed admirably in the first two games. He is a modified Ironclad dread as I wanted him to appear AV13.

Stormraven Caelus de sanguis (sky of blood): This model, along with the dreadnought, is the only one to be base coated using an army painter spray, although I went back over the dull red with blood red. It was painted to look like it was scorched from atmospheric entry on the leading edges, and also has some freehand in the form of angel wings, a Sanguinius mural and name plaque. The weapons are painted in second edition style.

First Tactical squad: The sergeant from this squad is painted as a homage to the second edition captain using parts from the death company and baal predator kits. All the models in the squad have some form of freehand on them so as to reflect the Blood Angels artistic nature, and most chapter badges are freehand.

Second tactical squad: The sergeant, special weapons and heavy weapons troops are all magnetised to allow weapon swap outs. Also, every model in the army has the same army badge (with the exception of the terminators) in order to group it together. Note the squad markings matching that of the rhino also.

Seventh assault squad: The freehand is perhaps most prominent in this squad, with each having their jump pack decorated with some iconography to make them stand out as true sons of sanguinius.

Eighth assault squad: This squad is only a combat squad and travels in a razorback with Corbulo. All the backpacks are magnetised and can be swapped out for jump packs if needed.

Well, after all that red I need a break from brightly coloured power armour for the moment. Projects over the coming weeks include assembling the last of my Grey Knight squads and getting those sprayed up, painting some raven guard as the whole army is fully assembled/based/undercoated and just begging to be painted, and another project which may or may not materialise. To give you a clue, there's a purple tinted Incubi sitting on my desk right now.....

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