Saturday, 2 April 2011

Grey knights librarian conversion

Grabbed a box of plastic termies yesterday and had a stab at a plastic termie librarian. Although GW did a good job of painting the regular termie lib as a GK, the lack of GK specific armour put me off doing the same. So with the aid of some magnets, guitar wire and green stuff I came up with this fellow. He's supposed to be leaning back as if casting the summoning. Will go back over the GS as it's not very smooth and he needs basing but other than that I'm happy with him. Thought this might be useful for inspiration/comparison for anyone thinking the same now release day is here.


  1. Looking good mate, I'm going to have to try my hand to some conversions.

    Only comment I'd make is that, in my opinion, the guitar wire needs to be a little shorter so it hangs closer to his body.